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Fancy sportswear that reduces your body temperature?

Christophe Bezu, CEO of ODLO International, says that the sportswear company might have roots in ski apparel but it's branching out.


Naloxone: Reversing an overdose

When someone goes into opioid overdose, their body begins shutting down. But there’s a drug that can stop the process. Naloxone has saved the thousands of people after they overdosed. Here’s how it works.


New gun cameras offer a 'cops-eye' view of policing

Cameras on guns provide a better point of view than body-worn cameras, since they are usually aimed directly at the suspect.


FIFA's World Cup is getting bigger

The soccer world governing body has agreed to expand the 2024 World Cup to include a record 48 teams. It's a move that could bring in more than a billion dollars.


Chinese anti-corruption watchdog toughens its stance – on itself

China's most prominent anti-corruption body has unveiled new ways to fight the problem within its own ranks.


UK may have reached 'peak car'

The industry body boss expects to see a decline in car sales this year after five consecutive years of growth.


Scientists identify a new human organ

Irish researchers say the human body has an additional organ, the mesentery, that has been misunderstood for at least a century.


Trump is going to body slam the GOP a lot more in 2017

President-elect Trump may be a Republican but Tuesday's clash with Congress made it clear that he will not be shy about ripping the GOP if it does something he doesn't like.


Carrie Fisher: Actress, writer and addict recovery advocate

The actress, writer and producer left behind a more diverse body of work than many people may realize.


Taser shares pop after closing body cam deal with Louisiana state police

Taser International will be providing 1,556 of its Axon Body 2 cameras, two for each member of the force, to the Louisiana State Police this quarter.