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Here's who Trump is targeting for his 'voter suppression operations'

Although "voter suppression" sounds ominous, the tactics are just advertising aimed at turning targeted groups away from Clinton.


Two strategies for companies in post-Brexit world: Lawmaker

Baroness Susan Kramer PC, treasury spokesperson for the U.K.'s Liberal Democrat party, says that companies can either take advantage of the weaker pound, or divert investment away from the country.


Iraq is balking at OPEC's oil output deal, and Baghdad could get away with it

Iraq is OPEC's second largest crude producer, but analysts say the odds of the country being exempt from planned output cuts are good.


A deal makes sense for TD Ameritrade, not for us, Charles Schwab CEO says

TD Ameritrade has more of its business tied to transaction fees, but Charles Schwab has diversified away from that, CEO Walt Bettinger said.


Evan McMullin: Taking votes from Trump

Donald Trump will not win this election, says Evan McMullin, independent presidential candidate, talking about taking electoral votes away from Donald Trump, and why the country needs to return power to the states.


Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff: I love Twitter, but shareholders didn't want to buy it

We had to walk away from Twitter because shareholders didn't want us to buy it, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff told CNBC.


Benioff: Stockholders were very clear on Twitter deal

CNBC's Julia Boorstin speaks with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff about his thoughts on Twitter and walking away from the


Wall Street vets left 6-figure jobs to launch an app that makes investing easy

Brandon Krieg and Ed Robinson walked away from high finance to launch Stash, which aims to make investing accessible.


Fox's Chris Wallace may have won debate night

A columnist for USA Today says Wallace focused heavily on questions of substance, while largely staying away from distractions.


Here's what's fueling rally...

Jack Caffrey, JPMorgan Private Bank, provides his outlook on the markets as earnings pour in and election less than three weeks away.