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Smart kitchens are a new phase in the Internet of Things, as Innit explains

There's no time for groceries, the pantry contains some random tins and dinner inspiration is a long way away. There's now software to fix that.


Will Yahoo's Marissa Mayer walk away?

It might not be Marissa Mayer's choice to remain or leave Yahoo, says S&P Global Market Intelligence's Scott Kessler.


Last Yahoo CEO standing: Here’s Marissa Mayer’s letter to employees on the sale

CEO Marissa Mayer is trying to put a happy face on a deal that will effectively be taking away her job and washing away her efforts, Recode reports.

Source: Recode

Food is ruling retail real estate, and food trucks are moving in

E-commerce may be driving consumers away from shopping centers, but food is pulling them back in.


Visa and PayPal have finally settled a long-standing feud

The two companies announced a partnership that includes a promise from PayPal to stop steering Visa cardholders away from using their Visa cards.

Source: Recode

Summer's top summer sector: Health care

CNBC's Landon Dowdy takes a look at one sector that is blazing away this summer.


Syrian Trump supporter wants to see US crack down on immigration

Johny Youssef, a Syrian immigrant, manages Downtown Liquor in Cleveland, just blocks away from the RNC. He's voting for Trump, and his views on immigration might surprise you.


Presidential race could determine winners, losers in defense

The presidential election is just a few months away and its outcome is likely to determine the future of defense spending and whether major programs get cut or delayed


What's driving the record highs in US markets?

U.S. markets are seeing record highs on the back of improved earnings and the shift away from bond and cash, says Point View WM's John Petrides.


Microsoft topped earnings — now they have to nail this

Microsoft may have blown away Wall Street's earnings predictions, but it has another key challenge ahead.