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Sen. Grassley: Do away with prohibition on drug importation

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), shares his take on Congress, drug price control and the prohibition on importing drugs.


Greed Report: Tax hack—how to protect yourself from a crime that won’t go away

For every bogus tax refund collected through identity theft, there's a real taxpayer unable to claim a refund. How can you protect yourself?


China's problems have not been resolved: Economist

The problems that led to the Chinese stock market sell-off one year ago have not gone away, says independent economist Andy Xie.


KFC gives away 'Extra Crispy' sunscreen

The fast food chain gave away 3,000 bottles of the lotion intended to give off a crispy chicken aroma.


Trump looks to revamp immigration plan

NBC News' Edward Lawrence reports Donald Trump appears to be adjusting his deportation plan, and Hillary Clinton's email scandal is not going away.


Trump's new campaign manager: Clinton could have 'totally put us away'

Kellyanne Conway tells CNBC the Clinton campaign made a "grievous error" keeping her in hiding during Trump's rough patch.


China shows its emotional side as it accounts for poor Olympic medal haul

Global superpower China has explained away its disappointing medals haul at the Rio Olympic Games by noting a shift in the national mood and sporting policy.


'Nobody believes in anything anymore': Why Greece's economic crisis is not over

It's easy to forget that Greece's political and economic crisis dominated headlines last summer and that the country's problems have not gone away.


Travelers exec chmn & fmr CEO Jay Fishman dead at 63

Travelers executive chairman and former CEO Jay Fishman passes away at 63. CNBC's Seema Mody reports.


Goldman Sachs buys into private equity funds

Wall Street banks were shooed away from putting their own money into private equity funds after the financial crisis.