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China’s toxic debt pile may be 10 times official estimates: Fitch

Toxic loans in the Chinese financial system could be 10 times as high as official estimates suggest, Fitch Ratings has warned.


Asia markets mixed as traders digest Fed, Bank of Japan decisions

Markets in Asia ended mixed on Friday, as traders continued to digest announcements from the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan (BOJ).


Aussie marriage equality plebiscite a waste of money, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce says

Australia should spend use the money it planned to spend on a marriage equality poll on more useful public services, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce told CNBC.


Cybercriminals are siphoning millions from ATMs; here's how they can be stopped

British cybersecurity firm Darktrace reckons cybercriminals can be stopped with machine learning and a bit of maths.


Oculus founder Palmer Luckey funds anti-Clinton ‘dirty meme’ group: Daily Beast

Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, has financially backed a partisan group devoted to circulating Internet memes besmirching Hillary Clinton, the Daily Beast reported.


Here's how Trump and Clinton can win independent voters

The upcoming debate will be an opportunity for both candidates to debunk preconceived notions, says Competitive Streak Consulting's Alden Cass.


Tech innovation drives property demand: Knight Frank

Technology companies are now taking up the majority of office real estate in cities such as Seoul and Bengalaru, says Knight Frank's Nicholas Holt.


Things just got worse for Yahoo: Analyst

It's uncertain whether Yahoo was unaware of the data breach for two years or if it just didn't inform people, says Moor Insights & Strategy's Patrick Moorhead.


UBS WM: Expect more reactions in USD/JPY

The BOJ's yield curve control mean that any risk-off events will not impact JGBs, but affect the dollar/yen, says UBS WM's Kelvin Tay.


Clean eating has pushed food makers to use ingredients you can recognize

Demand for clean, healthy grub has spurred the use of "pure commodities" - ingredients you can actually recognize - by food manufacturers.