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North Asia will be hit the hardest from Trump’s trade barriers: Goldman Sachs

North Asia will be hit the hardest when U.S. president-elect Trump follows through on his promises for more restrictive trade policies, Goldman Sachs wrote in a note.


China and India can rely on young spenders to help Asia survive if a trade war erupts, Deloitte says

Global consulting firm Deloitte has some soothing news for those worried about the economic fallout in Asia from possible trade war.


Amundi: Why cement means calling time on China’s economic recovery is premature

Rising cement prices were signaling that China’s economic growth will remain stable, said Mo Ji, chief economist for Asia ex-Japan at Amundi, on Wednesday.


Emerging market momentum to continue: Investor

Opportunities can be found even in emerging markets that are unloved, such as Mexico, says Stephen Dover, Templeton EMs Group.


Smart for Abe to meet Trump: Export Now

With Trump's lack of U.S.-Asia policy, Abe's establishment of personal rapport was a smart move, says Frank Lavin, CEO of Export Now.


Market not expecting major volatility change: Guppy

Daryl Guppy, CEO of, takes a look at the charts for the Indian markets, the VIX and ANZ.


The risk of a Trump 'policy accident'

Antonio Fatas, INSEAD, says that accidents on the Trump side concerning trade could have a major impact on the global economy.


The US-China trade relationship

Stephen Dover, CIO of Templeton EMs Group, takes a closer look trade ties between the U.S. and China, and tax reforms.


US-China trade war overblown: Investor

Brett McGonegal, CEO of Capital Link International, talks about why he's optimistic about the Chinese markets.


Asia-Pacific nervous, waiting to see what Trump will do in office: Locke

Countries in the region are nervous given Trump's tough talk on trade, said a former U.S. ambassador to China.