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Future of Hong Kong's democracy a test case for China's influence: Chris Patten

"Hong Kong is still one of the freest cities in Asia, no question about it" says Lord Chris Patten, former governor of Hong Kong.


Alibaba to invest $1 billion in Lazada as Southeast Asia awaits Amazon

Alibaba said the new investment will increase its stake in Lazada from 51 percent to 83 percent.


Coal will stay in demand for the next 2 or 3 decades: Expert

Demand for renewable energy is increasing, but it will prove difficult to remove coal from the energy mix, says Deepak Kannan of S&P Global Platts.


What Moon and Trump don't see eye to eye on

The two leaders have different criteria when it comes to dialogue with North Korea and THAAD deployment, says Kim Jae-Chun, professor at Sogang University.


EMs have had a good run, but...

Mark Haefele of UBS Wealth Management says he prefers developed markets to emerging markets due to the recovery in Europe and slowing growth in China.


Why the Aussie dollar has risen

Higher iron ore prices, better economic data out of China and the weaker dollar have all played a part, says Tony Boyadjian of Compass Global Markets.


These are the sectors Asian investors are focusing on

Investors in the region are focusing on energy and banking stocks ahead of Q2 earnings season, says Christopher Brankin, CEO of TD Ameritrade Asia.


HK small cap stocks and the 'Enigma Network'

Several Hong Kong-listed small cap stocks fell more than 90 percent on Tuesday. David Webb, editor of, weighs in on what triggered the fall.


The real problem with Japan's economy

The Asian Development Bank Institute's Naoyuki Yoshino says monetary policy influences consumption among the youth, but not the elderly.


Why Western Digital is being 'unwise'

Western Digital could stand to lose if it continues to push back against Toshiba's sale of its memory business, says Mark Newman of Sanford C. Bernstein.