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A quick guide to the gadget graveyard's gruesome residents

Launching a new technology product is risky. Here are 11 gadgets that received fanfare but faded into obscurity or, even worse, consumer ridicule.


Spotify says it isn’t punishing artists who cut exclusive deals with Apple and Tidal

Spotify doesn't like it when big-name acts take their music to Apple or Tidal first, but it's not punishing them when they do, Recode reports.

Source: Recode

Here's why you need to update your iPhone now, and how to do it

If you're on an iPhone, there's something you need to know.


Security flaws prompt Apple to issue iOS update

Unprecedented hack attempt prompts Apple to issue security update


Early movers: HLF, AAPL, TSLA, SCTY, VIAB, PSTG & more

These are the stocks posting the largest moves before the bell.


Apple warns of hack attempt

CNBC's Landon Dowdy reports Apple is strongly advising customer to download a new patch for iOS devices after a recent security breach attempt.


Europe plans news levy on search engines

European news publishers will be given the right to levy fees on internet platforms if they show snippets of the publishers' stories, the FT reports.

Source: Financial Times

Cramer Remix: Dissecting the Fed is a waste of time — it's often wrong

Jim Cramer explained why he chooses not to speculate the Fed when he makes the next investment for his charitable trust.


Cramer Remix: Dissecting the Fed is a waste of time—it’s often wrong

Jim Cramer reveals why he chooses not to speculate the Fed when he makes his next investment.


Cramer: What Apple should do to make investors fall in love with it again

Jim Cramer says it's time for Apple to put its massive $231 billion cash hoard to work, and buy this company.