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AOL co-founder to Trump supporters: The jobs we lost aren't coming back

The jobs lost to technology won't be brought back by putting up walls — so we need to embrace the future, Steve Case, co-founder of AOL, told CNBC.


Steve Case: Need to figure out the jobs, industries of the future

Steve Case, Revolution co-founder & chairman and AOL co-founder, speaks with CNBC's Jon Fortt about his vision of the future for the tech industry.


Yahoo 'did the best they could' amid massive data breach, AOL's Armstrong says

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong appeared Monday on CNBC's "Squawk Box" to discuss new strategies in video, online marketing, engagement and Yahoo's data breach.


I support Clinton over Trump because she's better for innovation: Steve Case

AOL co-founder Steve Case finds Donald Trump's tight-borders, back-to-the-glory-days approach unsettling.


AOL inks VR advertising deal

The Verizon-owned company snags its first major virtual reality advertising deal with American Family Insurance.


Tim Armstrong squirms when asked if Yahoo hack will impact Verizon deal

Tim Armstrong, chief executive of AOL, tells CNBC that Verizon is working with Yahoo to understand the scope of the data breach.


AOL signs seven-figure VR ad deal with American Family Insurance

Though the number of people who own VR headsets is low, brands are betting that the immersive experience will become great for advertising.


Consolidation in the digital universe: AOL CEO

Tim Armstrong, AOL CEO, weighs in on unification in the digital space


AOL CEO: High engagement in brand

We are trying to build the largest brands in the world that are trusted in media, says Tim Armstrong, AOL CEO talking about AOL's advertising strategy.


AOL CEO: Dealing with Yahoo's security breach

We will work very closely with Yahoo but it is very early on in the process, says Tim Armstrong, AOL CEO talking about the security breach at Yahoo and whether it will likely impact its deal with the company.