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Putin: Aim to strengthen economic ties with France

CNBC’s Claire Fournier breaks down the key takeaways from French President Emmanuel Macron’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, including hacking, the conflict in Syria and relations.


Lawmakers aim to 'get smart' about A.I. with help from giants like Amazon, Google, and IBM

Seven House members have formed a bipartisan caucus focusing on AI to study the effects of automation.


Singapore robot guards aim to help ease worker shortage

Singapore makes extensive use of robots in manufacturing with about 400 robots for every 10,000 factory employees, Financial Times reports.

Source: Financial Times

This little-known start-up is disrupting Facebook, Google and Amazon

Drawbridge is one of the fastest-growing female-led start-ups in the US. Its aim is to upend the Big 3 ad tech giants with its machine-learning technology.


34. Veniam

These Silicon Valley founders — two of which helped launch Zipcar — aim to build city-scale networks of connected vehicles.


Sears stock tanks as CEO takes aim at vendors, saying: 'We will not simply roll over'

The embattled department store chain has been working with suppliers to try to ensure their level of credit risk is "both affordable and appropriate."


Obama defends Obamacare

President Obama defends Obamacare and takes aim at Donald Trump in a speech on Sunday.


In speech, Obama takes aim at Trump, Republicans

Obama warned lawmakers, “I hope they understand that courage means not simply doing what’s politically expedient..."

Source: USA Today

House GOP passes health-care bill

CNBC's Eamon Javers reports on the House of Representatives push to dismantle Obamacare as President Trump takes aim at tax reform.


A Chinese paper mocks North Korea's tech talents

The Chinese press is taking aim at North Korea's tech acumen.