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Fed won't act in November: Economist

CNBC's Carl Quintanilla discusses the election's influence on the Fed meeting and the markets with Standish Mellon's chief economist Vincent Reinhart at the 2016 IMPACT Conference.


Japan's Abe to manage US-Philippines balancing act

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is set to play mediator between Washington and Manila.


Shinzo Abe to play mediator during Duterte's Japan visit, amid US tensions

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe is set to manage a delicate balancing act, as he hosts Philippine President Duterte and his raft of foreign policy objectives.


He got dementia, but said he still could work. Then his university fired him

Gary Reho, who had been director at Sacred Heart University's athletic centeer, is suing the school for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.


What would it take for a Trump win? An 'act of God'

Michael Moran, MD at Control Risks, says that a Clinton win is imminent, given the tough time Trump has had with Hispanic and women voters.


Cramer: Twitter needs to clean up its act

The "FMHR" panel and Mad Money's Jim Cramer discuss Twitter's next move.


Trump would scrap rule forcing fiduciaries to act in clients' interests, insider says

Known as the "fiduciary rule," the regulation takes effect April 10, 2017, and fundamentally alters the role of financial advisors.


California's drug pricing bill

CNBC's Meg Tirrell reports the latest on the controversy surrounding the California Drug Price Relief Act including the Bernie Sanders' support for the proposition.


Thai crown prince has tough act to follow: Expert

Patrick Jory, lecturer at the University of Queensland, talks about what lies ahead for Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn in navigating the Thai political landscape.


It's time for a tricky year-end portfolio balancing act

Portfolio rebalancing at year-end is a common practice for investors and recommended by advisors but can easily slip into market timing.