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North Korea and the death of Otto Warmbier weigh on US-China relations

Defense Secretary James Mattis said that Ohio resident Otto Warmbier's death after a "minor act of mischief" escapes understanding.


Has China cleaned up its act?

Kevin Leung, Haitong International Securities Group, says China has taken steps to improve, but issues such as suspensions and pre-approval restrictions remain.


Senate rules could force a health bill change by next week: Report

Waivers allowing states to opt out of Affordable Care Act regulations may violate Senate rules, according to Axios.


Republicans once mocked Democrats' secret health-care bill negotiations. Now, they're silent

Republicans tweeted their disgust with Democrats during the drafting of the Affordable Care Act in 2009 and 2010. Their tweets haven't aged well.


Sen. Barrasso: Confident on health-care vote before July 4th

Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) talks about seeking bipartisan support for the American Health Care Act.


Sen. Perdue: Senate health-care vote will take place before July 4th

Sen. David Perdue, (R-Ga.), talks about the status of the health-care bill as Congress considers "phase-in and phase-out" portions of the Affordable Care Act.


Medtronic CEO: Lower costs should help with health insurance coverage issues

Medtronic Chairman & CEO Omar Ishrak speaks with CNBC's Meg Tirrell about the GOP's American Health Care Act and the company's new medical devices.


Uber board adopts all recommendations of the Holder report, no word on CEO Kalanick, other executives yet: Sources

Former Uber engineer Susan Fowler alleged the company failed to act on sexual harassment and gender discrimination complaints.


Fiduciary rule

A controversial new “fiduciary rule” will require advisors act in their client’s best interests, even at the expense of their own profits. We ask financial expert Farnoosh Torabi what will rule change will mean for you and your nest egg.


City National Bank CEO: It's a good time to review Dodd-Frank

Russell Goldsmith, City National Bank chairman & CEO, discusses the passage of the Financial CHOICE Act in the House trying to dismantle Dodd-Frank.