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Here’s how bond investors can survive interest rate hikes

The Fed may finally act next month. Here's what it means for you.


Frank: The problem was unregulated derivatives

Barney Frank, former House Financial Services chairman, Dodd-Frank Act co-author, weighs in on Steven Mnuchin's comments that "Dodd-Frank impedes lending." With CNBC senior contributor Larry Kudlow.


Here are the stock market winners and losers under the new, anti-Obamacare health secretary

In the likely repeal of the Affordable Care Act, these health-care stocks should perform well, according to some analysts.


Trump picking Tom Price could signal dismantling of Obamacare

Rep. Tom Price already has a plan for how to abolish the Affordable Care Act.


Will financial regulations change under a Trump administration?

A widespread repeal of the Dodd-Frank Act isn't likely, says Kevin Nixon from Deloitte's Center for Regulatory Strategy.


Don't be such a cynic: Success starts with telling the truth

The best model of success for a business is one that starts by telling the truth. Not enough companies understand that, let alone act on it.


Dealmaker Trump can reduce health-care costs by playing hardball, ex-Obamacare official says

But repealing and replacing Obamacare is going to be harder than Republicans think, the former Affordable Care Act implementation director tells CNBC.


Repealing Obamacare is difficult, but not impossible: Expert

Repealing and replacing Obamacare is easier said than done, former Affordable Care Act implementation director Jay Angoff told CNBC on Tuesday.


Draghi: ECB will continue to act by using all instruments

James Butterfill, head of research & investment strategy at ETF Securities, reacts to ECB President Mario Draghi’s comments on quantitative easing and Europe’s economy.


I think women have a tremendous ability to lead: Goldie Hawn

Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn talks about her fight to produce and act in comedy drama "Private Benjamin".