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Nielsen takes on streaming  

Media Link Transcript Nielsen is working with and number instinct is to measuring the streaming of their shows. To Netflix Amazon prime and Hulu on television that nasty cancer providing meals and with digital audio watermark of the thousand programs that can scanned for digital screen into TV that is 25000 households with Nielsen boxes. The then reported viewer numbers and demographics back ...
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Cramer: These are stocks you should like  

Media Link Transcript Let's turn to Jim talk about another part of your playbook we cover domestic let's talk about these Grossman's OK now let's be very clear I'm not saying the market's going. OK I am saying that we don't know when it's gonna bottom and going and I'm saying. This is what you make into okay because I heard what was his great by our Q I'm not saying these are great eye and say ...
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Closing Bell Exchange: Market's perfect storm  

Media Link Transcript You got a storm brewing out in the Atlantic are we got the perfect storm going on in southern markets right now but I think everybody's kind of missing the picture there's been a canary in the coal mine. After sometime across two different levels you've heard me talk about before first thought the Dow transports have been considerably week. Prolonged time they've spears ...
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'Tiger Mom' launches enrichment hub in Singapore  

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Ernie Els wins Payne Stewart Award  

Media Link Transcript Congratulations on this award. And philanthropy what you done for autism what you've done for your son overtime as. Is amazing can you talk about what it means to win that's. Well thank you because in. That I got to thank the southern company and I new planes do it. Obviously back in the nineties reflect caught a lot of off together it was a great champion. He catalog ...
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Smart Money's top IPO picks  

Media Link Transcript Like you said its activities IPO is I mean some these high profile names like shake shack helped oil Loko Etsy. All down double digits in just the last three months as the rest the market has held up rather steadily rather but some hedge funds are seeing some opportunities in these beaten up. Like I recent IPOs against you gonna call when there. And that there's scope and ...
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Pisani: China's impact on commodities  

Media Link Transcript I really interesting dichotomy between Home Depot. And a Wal-Mart let me just point out what's going on tiger's back here is affecting what's going on. And our commodities market received six your lows and a lot of VIP commodity. Sectors that copper for example all down noticeably some Shanghai was weak Shenzhen was weaken even Hang Seng and Hong Kong index this week. A ...
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Hedgies disclose holdings  

Media Link Transcript HLA this just out of need these state in Starwood Hotels from hedge fund manager John Paulson who would appear to now be the number one holder. With twelve million shares of the hotel company. Paulson also going big on broad camp com with a new four point two million share stake. Earlier today a surprise move by Julian Robertson's tiger management into Lumber Liquidators ...
Source: CNBC.com
Robertson buys LL stake  

Media Link Transcript Major news out that tiger management a failing office run by Julian Robertson taking a stake in Lumber Liquidators the stock moving way higher on news it's down. 80% year to date on some negative reports about the quality of their flooring and some issues with their Chinese business. But rallying on this news about Julian Robertson private client. Series he also slashed ...
Source: CNBC.com
Cramer's stocks to watch  

Media Link Transcript Everything that was going up has been the weakness in stocks have really got hit with a new I was stocks in. If you'd think this is a major court minor port rally in the moderate court that gets less today and you heard it and it's certainly not right in China controls all of the obvious stock trading so to speak in all the stocks have dropped yesterday and all be down. ...
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