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LMT hits new high, Coach grows

Lockheed Martin and Coach will report earnings Tuesday. CNBC's Jane Wells looks at cost challenges for LMT's F-35, and Courtney Reagan looks at Coach's decent quarter.


Steve Madden: Prison made me sharper and more conscious of time

Steve Madden, founder and former CEO of Steven Madden, opens up about his time in prison and some of the life lessons he's learned in order to run a billion dollar company.


Las Vegas Sands misses on top and bottom line

CNBC's Jane Wells reports the quarterly results of Las Vegas Sands.


Pot for pets: Dog-owners use marijuana to treat canine ailments

Happy 4/20! One of the fastest growing niches in marijuana is pot for pets. It’s not legal on a federal level, and vets cannot prescribe it. But that’s not stopping these dog lovers from buying it to treat all sorts of ailments.


Jeff Bezos: The billionaire shaking up the space race

Jane Wells has the story of one billionaire who’s shaking up the space race.


NBA's historic night

CNBC's Jane Wells reports on the biggest NBA news including Kobe Bryant saying farewell to the NBA and the big success of NBA superstar Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors.


Kobe's final farewell

CNBC's Jane Wells reports ahead of LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant's last game.


The Tattly tale: Temporary tats have staying power

Tina Roth Eisenberg, founder of Tattly, came up with the idea to work with artists and illustrators to customize unique temporary tattoos simply due to being outraged by one bad birthday party experience. Now five years later, Tattly has grown into a profitable business.


Rocket prices return to Earth

CNBC's Jane Wells reports from the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs about who's going to build rocket engines for the U.S. government.


SpaceX rocket launches

CNBC's Jane Wells reports live from Cape Canaveral, Florida as the SpaceX rocket successfully launches.