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Rare case for McDonald's  

Media Link Transcript Gold does have a place in portfolios and some people considered insurance. Entrance where they kind of baffled Petraeus turnout was just talking about it he did have another financial crisis but it is a currency and its own. That is valuable and portable. So if you meet somebody from Argentina from Thailand for Russia who's watched their own currency evaporate overnight ...
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Consumers shift spending  

Media Link Transcript We talked about before there's just something about watching retirement accounts plummet and American institutions go bust overnight. Don't change a person it evident in spending and saving patterns look consumers don't realize. How they've changed over recent years we are sustaining more as you can see here the savings rate has increased. And Limbaugh must discretionary ...
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Janet Yellen won't kill the housing market: Pro  

Media Link Transcript Joining us right now under review of the world Quincy Crosby from Prudential Financial unlike a lot of people you're watching wild. As a proxy for what will put the thing if the market believes as a proxy for growth we have to see as a proxy for growth but the fact is growth is dimmed globally. But supply is up dramatically. And that's something that the market doesn't ...
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30 to close: China catching attention  

Media Link Transcript And inside that they're critical last half hour pretty before we get the top of the hour we've got trader Matt Cazalot convert your financial your weather here today. It is August I realize that you do get some volatility on low volume right now but what what is what's going on it's catching your attention right really catches my attention of the fact that that China was ...
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Kelly Evans in Elle Magazine  

Media Link Transcript Outlook hang on to say here getting my latest issue of Elle Magazine just came trial finally heard. It's it's a big issue whoa yeah we're yes yeah well yeah that's great. It's their it's their thirtieth anniversary. Issue at Elle Magazine sold their plan off that thirty thing you know so they're highlighting these. These women who are thirty years old who were born in the ...
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Health care & preferred stocks: Pro  

Media Link Transcript Thank you are looking for as we said before the commercial break your and a below average risk period right now right yes that's couple of different things that there. Can concerns it was right here on a long term basis valuation levels are distressed levels we've been there for quite awhile. Also we look at where the economy that's. Globally we continue to stay quite ...
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What worries investors about rate hike: Pro  

Media Link Transcript Listen you're on the network I just recently saying you think the Federal Reserve raising rates could spark this 10% stock market correction. Do you think after all that happens the Fed still gonna hike this year. I think the Fed is still in hike this year look the Fed is gonna look at this from the prison of the US economy. And clearly there are mechanisms by which this ...
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30 to close: Keep an eye out for Germany  

Media Link Transcript Kelly we are in that critical last half hour but the traders didn't wait for that laughed at our they've been turning up positive here for the last hour or so that chess clock from. Virtual financial joining as I can't wait to hear your response to today's action. Very heavy selling on the open this morning and then I come back what do you think's going on book you're at ...
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Google is NOT Berkshire Hathaway: Pro  

Media Link Transcript Do you agree with what John just kind of suggested there and that this yeah lit up costing shareholders lot of money. Yes I you know they're not Berkshire Hathaway here so. That what they've done is they stripped out this great business and put all the crappy ones over on the left here and called it out fullback you know. I don't know if they're bringing people had any ...
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Google needs to buy Twitter, Yelp, & Zynga: Pro  

Media Link Transcript Now here's what would make me happy they have the alphabet type got three letters for that she may need to buy Twitter. Why they need to buy Gallup. And Z they could buy Danga and they would be in the only great businesses. And let you know other filling out alphabet and so take your cap. Yeah why not be in mobile gaming I mean. You know they get they can turn this ...
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