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Cramer: President Trump is 'slamming the door' on offshoring

President Donald Trump is 'slamming the door' on American corporations who wish to do business abroad, Cramer says.


Cramer: I don't think McDonald's is bad

The "Squawk on the Street" crew discusses McDonald's fourth quarter earnings release.


Cramer: Foxconn manufacturing in the US would be monumental

The "Squawk on the Street" crew discusses the first few days of the Trump administration including the deregulation push and corporate incentives.


Cramer’s Exec Cut: This stock could be a triple threat under President Trump

Jim Cramer sat down with top executives on how they foresee business under President Trump.


Cramer's game plan: Political cross-currents boost or blunt these earnings next week

Jim Cramer reviews the stocks and events on his radar next week with the caveat that politics could reign supreme over earnings.


Cramer: Don't take Trump literally when it comes to stock picking

Jim Cramer questions the impact on stocks of the 'buy and hire American' notion of President Trump.


Cramer Remix: Big news about an Apple supplier was obscured by the Trump inauguration

Jim Cramer eyed an Apple player that blew the doors off its quarterly report on a day filled with political headlines.


Cramer’s roadmap to finding stocks that will thrive in a new political world

Jim Cramer weighs the pros and cons of how stocks will react in a Trump administration.


Here are 3 topics Cramer says could move the markets post Trump inauguration

Jim Cramer discusses oil, health care, and drug stocks amid the inauguration of Donald Trump.


Cramer: Trump's word is going to come back to hiring

Trump is standing for keeping and creating jobs, says Cramer. The Squawk on the Street panel discuss.