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Cramer Remix: This one stat controls the Fed’s hand

Cramer focuses in on one stat during this light week of earnings that could change the Fed’s rate outlook.


Cramer: Get an upper hand on the market—my 4 rules to owning stocks

Jim Cramer has learned from experience that following these four rules could save a portfolio from getting burned.


Cramer: Why hot stocks don't cut it anymore for your portfolio

Jim Cramer shared the evolution of "Mad Money" and why individual stock picks just won't get the investing job done anymore.


Cramer's game plan: All eyes on employment, Fed could pull the trigger

Mad Money host Jim Cramer has this number on his radar next week. To say it is important would be an understatement.


Cramer’s Exec Cut: A perfect fit for Amazon’s retail growth

Jim Cramer talked with top execs about Amazon’s impact on retail, the downside to rising wages & a medical company’s effort to fight the Zika virus.


Cramer's Stop Trading: Ulta Salon, Time Warner

CNBC's Jim Cramer explains why he is watching Ulta Salon and encourages all to listen to CEO Mary Dillon's conference call.


Cramer's Mad Dash: Thermo Fisher

Jim Cramer explains what to watch ahead of the open, including Thermo Fisher's $4.2 billion deal.


Cramer: Fed 'itching' to make a move

CNBC's Jim Cramer shares his thoughts on interest rates ahead of Janet Yellen's speech at Harvard University later in the day.


Cramer Remix: Time to reassess your portfolio

Jim Cramer taught a valuable lesson of how sloppy investing can impact your portfolio. Could it be time to ring the register?


Cramer: Why lower oil prices aren’t helping millions of Americans

Jim Cramer got to the bottom of why the drop in gasoline prices isn't translating into more cash spent by consumers.