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CEO: Our international business is strong  

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Cramer's Stop Trading: Dollar General  

Media Link Transcript Jim it's up eight. We're firms came out today and said don't worry about dollar general's corps to return on investments really big golden very you know it's down again today. If you odd discipline we needs in retail. You were so heated that there's almost no comeback I'm thinking about Williams-Sonoma. Macy's team what we get. But these Dollar General next week dollar ...
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Cramer's Mad Dash: Ulta Salon  

Media Link Transcript Let's get your mad dash your core stuff on this. Me yeah yeah. Opening bell what are we got did you know moment aficionado conference that's what Mary Dillon put all one last night Ulta Salon. Then I would tell you is perfect okay first of all you've got comparable store sales of ten point 1% you have great e-commerce from every T it's a duty Pollard back. You speak to ...
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Cramer: Fed's Dudley 'calmed' the market  

Media Link Transcript United continent look what's that stock is up being at US and PME. That's a gigantic to 6% move this is just all essence he related its very standards obviously death the varsity will come back in a couple of weeks but. Yeah I mean everything we're seeing is so exaggerated and not good you and I both know. Remind you can beat up 600 dal 600 did tell you where she stops ...
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Cramer: Downside to rate hike fathomable  

Media Link Transcript I've spent my whole 36 year long investing career focusing what's called the micro. That's the bottoms up analysis of individual companies. That's because I've always believed that the best way to profit from the stock market is by doing your homework to find the stocks of the finest companies. They're buying their stocks at the cheapest possible price is he using markets ...
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Cramer: China & biotech - it's complicated  

Media Link Transcript Early morning got a great question on Twitter act Jim Cramer. Quote what I attacks in Noual form have to do with the China rotation and quote. Questions seem simple what you just incredibly copy it certainly not many self important factors because on the one hand Biotech and former should have nothing to attack right. On the other hand it to uncertainty means want. And an ...
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Cramer: Commodity strength took stocks higher  

Media Link Transcript My mission is simple. You money. Always look at some. And Cramer welcome to mad money. Welcome America are the people wanna make friends and is trying to save the money. My job is not just a Coach but teach and educate so call me at 1807 were three CBC or tweet reaction Cramer. Notably this outlet actually we were higher what oil is up three boxing JH. How do you make ...
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Cramer: It may not be the end of the world for this group  

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Cramer's Stop Trading: SJM  

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Freeport-McMoRan blinking: Cramer  

Media Link Transcript They acted wanna come to Freeport. But FCX report back for an unnamed you and I have focused on end up occasionally. Of course given its preponderance of earnings that arrives what aghast at copper. To worries you simply don't wanna be at the stock is up dramatically easier right there Jim bear out. Cutting thereof mining capital expenditures by 25 for such projected ...
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