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Seahawks fans' ultimate 12th man tailgating bus  

A group of Seattle Seahawks super fans have created the ultimate tailgating experience. NBC Sports' Dave Briggs reports.
Source: CNBC.com
Arian Foster doesn't like blue Gatorade  

Houston Texan star Arian Foster gives his picks for Super Bowl Prop votes.
Source: CNBC.com
Hawaiian Air CEO: Strong US dollar = revenue weakness  

How the drop in oil prices and strength of the dollar impacts business, with Mark Dunkerley, Hawaiian Air president and CEO.
Source: CNBC.com
Super Bowl ticket shock: $9,000+ tix  

The cheapest ticket for the Super Bowl on Stubhub.com is $8.950 with the most expensive being $50,000, reports NBC Sports' Dave Briggs.
Source: CNBC.com
Mitt quits before campaign starts  

"Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd weighs in on Mitt Romney's decision to not run in the 2016 race for presidency.
Source: CNBC.com
The real AI risk  

Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and now Bill Gates are warning about the threat artificial intelligence poses to humanity. Insight, with Nick Bostrom, University of Oxford, and Max Tegmerk, MIT.
Source: CNBC.com
IBM's Rometty gets first salary bump as CEO  

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty will get a 6.7 percent salary increase in 2015, reports CNBC's Dominic Chu.
Source: CNBC.com
Today impacted by oil short squeeze: Trader  

Making sense of this month's volatile trading, with Michael Santoli, Yahoo Finance; Eric Chemi, CNBC.com; "Fast Money" trader Steve Grasso; and CNBC's Sara Eisen.
Source: CNBC.com
Cashin: Sellers close out January  

Dissecting today's trade and why indices are closing near the lows, with Marry Ann Bartels, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, and Art Cashin of UBS.
Source: CNBC.com
Retail investor: Up $9K thanks to interest free auto loans  

How main street investors view the market , with Julie Werner, Better Investing Club and military wife and mother; Wayne Smalls, engineer; and Ivan Wyatt, retired Air Force engineer, who is trading AT&T to make car payments.
Source: CNBC.com