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Taking down hate speech

Henry Blodget, Business Insider editor-in-chief and CEO weighs in on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook ramping up the fight against hate speech on their platforms.


Jim Burrows on the death(s) of the sitcom

TV legend Jim Burrows has directed more than 1000 episodes of TV, including The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Cheers, Will & Grace and Frasier. He’s attended 8 funerals for the sitcom, and tells BINGE why there will be many more.


Jim Burrows: The one about working with Netflix

Legendary TV director Burrows tells BINGE why he’s working with Netflix and what’s different about streaming.


Jim Burrows can’t pick favorites (except for two)

The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Cheers, Taxi, Will & Grace, Frasier… TV Legend Burrows has directed some of the best. Which is his favorite?


Burrows: Why Friends wouldn’t get made today

What Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump can tell us about TV pilots… and why Friends seems “average.”


TV Legend Burrows: Why reunions are like ex-girlfriends

Just say no.


Revenge of the nerds: The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a global phenomenon, and Burrows—who directed both versions of the pilot—tells BINGE the origin story.


Legendary TV director Jim Burrows: The secrets behind a hit

Jim Burrows has directed more than 1,000 episodes of TV, including The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Cheers, Taxi, Will & Grace and Frasier. He tells BINGE why he’s excited about Netflix, why the sitcom isn’t dead and why he avoids reunion shows.


Legendary TV Director Burrows: I don’t binge, but if I did…

The creator of some of the most binge-able content ever created explains why he doesn’t binge and who the greatest comedic minds in TV are today.


Ken Burns on Donald Trump

CNBC's Carl Quintanilla speaks with documentary filmmaker Ken Burns about speaking out against Donald Trump.