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MF Global, PwC settle lawsuit

Bankrupt MF Global and auditor PriceWaterhouse Coopers have settled their malpractice case, reports "Squawk Box's" Becky Quick.


Buffett: Growth is all about productivity

Warren Buffett shares his thoughts on crude oil, weighs in on economic growth and the strong U.S. dollar


Buffett: '2 and 20' hedge fund charges 'border on obscene'

Hedge fund client fees are "ridiculous" and don't help investors make money, Warren Buffett told CNBC on Monday.


Buffett: Pros won't get a better result than index funds

The amount of money people waste getting investment advice is just ridiculous in this country, says Warren Buffett defines a "no-nothing" investor and why they should buy indexes.


Buffett: Stocks are safe in the long run and very unsafe for tomorrow

Warren Buffett shares his thoughts on the stock market and why over time it will beat bonds.


Buffett: Wells Fargo's huge mistake was its failure to act

Warren Buffett talks about the "huge mistake" Wells Fargo made by not addressing the incentive program as soon as they knew about it.


Buffett: You don't have to be special to outperform index funds

Warren Buffett talks about the top ten people who could bet the indexes and where he is seeing phenomenal growth opportunities.


Buffett: Amazon's Jeff Bezos is one terrific businessperson

Warren Buffett discusses with CNBC why he think's Amazon's Jeff Bezos in "one terrific business person," and why he missed buying it "big time."


Buffett: We don't hold stocks forever

Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett discusses comments in portions of his yearly letter to shareholders.


Buffett: Government-sponsored mortgages important, but not necessarily Fannie & Freddie

Warren Buffett shares his thoughts on the importance of providing 30-year mortgages to home buyers.