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Schlumberger buys Cameron in $14.8B deal  

Media Link Transcript At a little of that deal news and don't tell a good news and it's all of the crazy instead of the missing in the market finally got a lot of fun on Cameron for a 66 point. 36 dollars a share in cash or vice gone for its up yet it's a fourteen point eight billion dollar transaction that say represent about 37% premium to Campbell twenty day volume weighted average price of ...
Source: CNBC.com
July CPI up 0.1%  

Media Link Transcript On the survey is out up 110 of a bad lined up 110 when you strip about the all important food and energy. If you look at some guy here over here up to dozens if you look at the core year over year up one point eight. It is if you Xerox the copy of expectations basically they had and they came up close now one could argue. That the 110 one down there 110 the white. Maybe ...
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Chairs: Squawk takes a stand  

Media Link Transcript You know that I haven't incredible fear of sharks and a lifelong thing as a adjustment way to young. There's some new video out enough of a shark that is apparently twenty feet belong and it is perhaps the greatest. Great light. Ever caught on video. Twenty feet long it is crazy pregnant FEMA now political whale while yes it looks like does this is this our that we were ...
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Iran deal makes region safer: Berger  

Media Link Transcript We shouldn't expect this agreement to change Iran's behavior. In the region are still going to be continue to be. Threatening it can continue to trouble but what the agreement does is it stops their nuclear program. And anyone of those conflicts. That Iran is involved it is more genes so more difficult if Iran as a nuclear weapon. It's not more dangerous to give an 150 ...
Source: CNBC.com
Chairs: Squawk takes a stand  

Media Link Transcript This is the story about the very beleaguered teen the jets and just the latest issues that it gangrene has had to face there. This time around it was the quarterback Gina Smith got cold cocked by a teammate. I K annum Polly as the teammate the team it was immediately fired and that uses. The quarterback is going to be out for six to ten weeks jar with a broken off yet and ...
Source: CNBC.com
Delivering Alpha unfiltered: Global Opportunity  

Complete video of Andrew Ross Sorkin's panel on how to navigate the wide array of global investment challenges that investors face featuring Chris Ailman, Mary Callahan Erdoes, Eric Mindich and Richard Perry.
Source: CNBC.com