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Final Trade: MAT, DSW & more

The "Fast Money" traders share their final trades of the day, including Mattel, Designer Shoe Warehouse and more.


Biotech beatdown

Biotech stocks are under pressure as California proposes a "Drug Price Relief Act" to curb the high cost of drugs after Mylan's EpiPen controversy. The "Fast Money" traders share their views on the biotech sector.


Zika's travel impact

How much has Zika been impacting the travel business? CNBC's Susan Li reports. The "Fast Money" traders share their take on travel stocks.


Washington double-talk?

CNBC's Melissa Lee reports that a dozen members of the House Financial Services Committee gladly took money from Wells Fargo, then questioned the CEO's practices today on Capitol Hill. The "Fast Money" traders share their views.


Time to buy the dip?

With the Dow ending the day lower by nearly 200 points today, Thomas Lee, Fundstrat head of research, explains why to buy the dip. The “Fast Money” traders weigh in.


Oil stocks rise 2% today

The "Fast Money" traders discuss the trade on USO, the U.S. oil fund ETF that rose 2 percent following OPEC's reported agreement to curb oil production.


Big CAT bounce

The "Fast Money" traders discuss the trade on Caterpillar, the one Dow stock that held onto gains today.


How low can Deutsche go?

Carter Worth, Cornerstone Macro, goes to the charts to put the Deutsche Bank crisis in perspective. The "Fast Money" traders weigh in.


Deustche Bank tanks the market: Systemic risk?

The “Fast Money” traders share their takes on the financial sector and what the Deutsche Bank crisis means for the markets.


Capula Investment Mgmt. cut some capital

CNBC's Kate Kelly reports the latest of details surrounding Deustche Bank issues, including Capula Investment Management cutting some capital at the bank, and counterparties changing credit agreements.