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Tengler: Investors are distracted by the sideshow

Nancy Tengler, Heartland Financial CIO, and Charles Reinhard, MainStay Investments, weigh in on the current state of the markets as it takes a pause from its post-election rally.


Ury: Political negotiation different from business negotiation

William Ury, Harvard negotiation professor, weighs in on Donald Trump’s negotiation style. With CNBC contributor Suzy Welch.


Gov. Rick Scott: Trump successful because he 'works his tail off'

Gov. Rick Scott (R-Florida) discusses his transition from chief executive of a business to chief executive of a government organization, and how it relates Donald Trump's upcoming role as president.


Gov. Rick Scott: Obamacare was sold on a lie, must repeal it

Gov. Rick Scott (R-Florida) weighs in on the GOP's plan to repeal Obamacare.


ConAgra CEO: Name of the game is driving growth & innovation

ConAgra Brands CEO Sean Connolly discusses what he is most optimistic about as Donald Trump prepares to take office, including policies that may foster his company's growth and innovation.


Wadhwa: Trump H1B plans will shift balance in favor of Silicon Valley

Vivek Wadhwa, Carnegie Mellon professor of engineering, weighs in on Donald Trump's plans to revamp the current H1B visa program. Also discussing 2017 as "the year of the bot."


Lyne: Traditional retail is in crisis

Susan Lyne, BBG Ventures CEO, and Simeon Siegel, Nomura Instinet equity retail analyst, weigh in on retail, as e-commerce continues to overtake traditional retail.


Gillis: Apple services still lackluster, needs 'beefing up'

Colin Gillis, BGC Financial, and Dieter Bohn, The Verge, weigh in on Apple's efforts to create original content for iTunes.


Analyst: Government wouldn't want to kill goose that lays golden egg

Michael King, JMP Securities senior analyst, weighs in on the biotech sector as President-elect Donald Trump puts the pharmaceutical industry in his cross hairs, calling it "disastrous."


DeNichilo: You have to buy more reality and less hope

Stephen DeNichilo, Federated Kaufmann Funds, and John Petrides, Point View Wealth Management, discuss where the opportunities are in the market following its huge run post-election.