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Analyst: Banks will continue to outpeform until end of next year

Jason Goldberg, Barclays banks analyst, shares why he thinks financials are heading higher.


Bullish sentiment nearly doubles since Election Day

Charles Rotblut, American Association of Individual Investors vice president and journal editor, discusses the jump in bullish investor sentiment since Donald Trump's election.


Norwegian Cruise Line CEO on Trump's Cuba policy

Frank Del Rio, Norwegian Cruise Line CEO, weighs in on President-elect Donald Trump, including his impact on the economy and his Cuba policy. With Tilman Fertitta, Landry's CEO.


Fertitta: Since the election, the world has changed

Tilman Fertitta, restaurant mogul and star of CNBC's "Billion Dollar Buyer," weighs in on Donald Trump's presidency, and its impact on the economy and restaurant industry.


McMillian: Not concerned about any short-term possible pullbacks

Nancy Tengler, Heartland Financial CIO, and Brad McMillian, Commonwealth Financial Networks CIO, weigh in on the current state of the markets, and where investors should be looking to put their money.


Trump Tower's latest amenity: The Secret Service

Secret Service is being advertised as a "hot new amenity" at Trump Tower. Tara Palmeri, Politico, discusses.


Scott: Trump is not a politician, and it's a breath of fresh air

Hal Scott, Harvard law professor, weighs in on President-elect Donald Trump's unconventional communication and management style.


Sage Therapeutics CEO on postpartum depression drug

Jeff Jonas, Sage Therapeutics CEO, discusses his company's new drug to treat postpartum depression and the current drug pricing environment.


Pentagon waste cover-up

Craig Whitlock, Washington Post national reporter, explains how the Pentagaon buried a study revealing $125 billion in waste, and the controversy over the Air Force One replacement contract with President-elect Donald Trump. With Michael Lewis, "The Undoing Project" author.


Meyer: Political uncertainty impacted interest in going out to eat

Danny Meyer, Shake Shack founder and Union Square Hospitality Group CEO, discusses the resurgence in the restaurant industry, no tipping policy and outlook of his company.