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Russia tends to overshoot: Trader

Where Russia's economy could move depending on stability levels in oil, with "Fast Money" trader Tim Seymour.
Source: CNBC.com
Russia not as serious as 1998 ... yet

John Bussey, The Wall Street Journal, says Russia is not yet seeing issues like in 1998. CNBC Contributor Carol Roth; private investor Even Newmark; and "Fast Money" trader Tim Seyour, weigh in.
Source: CNBC.com
'Shark' O'Leary: 'I hope oil goes to 30 bucks'

Discussing if the selloff is a healthy correction or a panicked selling, with Stephen Wood, Russell Investments; Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary; Fast Money trader Tim Seymour; and Ben Willis, Princeton Securities
Source: CNBC.com
Brutal day for crude triggers market selloff

Oil's impact on current market conditions, with CNBC contributor Carol Roth; Ross Gerber, Gerber Kawasaki; "Fast Money" trader Tim Seymour; and CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera & Jackie DeAngelis.
Source: CNBC.com
Starbucks mega store; Traders bullish

Starbucks has opened its first Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle. "Fast Money" trader likes the stock on its store expansion strategy, and cost efficiency.
Source: CNBC.com
Winter weather plays: HOT, JBLU, CMP & more

How the FM traders are playing wintry weather conditions. Guy Adami likes Facebook while Tim Seymour sees opportunity in Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide.
Source: CNBC.com
HPQ all about the split?

Discussing Hewlett Packard's quarterly earnings and the value of its split off, with Daniel Ives, FBR Capital Markets; Fast Money trader Tim Seymour; CNBC contributor Carol Roth; and Fast Money contributor, Jon Najarian.
Source: CNBC.com
Red Robin CEO: Pleased with brand transformation

Red Robin CEO Steve Carley says the restaurant is going back to a formula that works well including its royalty program and gourmet burgers. FM trader Tim Seymour makes the case for the stock.
Source: CNBC.com
Senate panel: Some banks manipulated commodities

CNBC's Kate Kelly reports an influential Senate Panel has released a 400-page report accusing of Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan of engaging in manipulative practices and Morgan Stanley of engaging in risky behavior that exposes it to "catastrophic disasters." FM trader Tim Seymour says the attack against banks continues.
Source: CNBC.com
Casual dining trades: JACK & MCD

"Fast Money" trader Guy Adami thinks Jack in the Box goes higher from here after strong earnings; and Tim Seymour would rather trade McDonald's.
Source: CNBC.com