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Texas is top of the tops

CNBC's Scott Cohn reveals the Top of the Top States on the Closing Bell as Texas snags the number one spot as the Top State for Business over the last decade.


Bottom state for business: Rhode Island

CNBC's Scott Cohn reports on the bottom states for business in 2016.


Top States and the other election

The presidential election may be center stage, but a dozen states are electing governors this year. CNBC's Scott Cohn breaks down who’s running and what’s at stake.


America's least expensive states

Here's a list of the cheapest states to live in 2016.


America's most expensive states

Keep this in mind if you're wondering where to live. Here are America's most expensive states to live in 2016.


Top States behind the numbers

Our special guest in Tuesday's big reveal has some unique insights about why our Top State deserves the honor.


Donny Osmond sings Top State’s praises

Donny Osmond’s home state of Utah took the top spot in CNBC’s annual Top State’s for Business ranking. He tells us what makes Utah so special, and gives us a look at his latest business venture.


This U.S. state is the top state in business

Utah ranks number one in America's top state for business and here's why.


And the 2016 Top State for Business is...Utah

CNBC’s Scott Cohn reveals that Utah is the tenth winner of CNBC's Top States for Business with special musical guest, Donny Osmond.


Have you guessed the Top State for Business?

CNBC’s Scott Cohn gives his final hint on what CNBC has decided which state is the best for business this year.