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Judicial inquiry represents a ‘political assassination’: Fillon

CNBC brings the latest from the French Presidential Candidate Francois Fillon’s conference, where discusses the judicial inquiry and how he has been treated during the campaign.


I will continue with presidential campaign: France's Fillon

CNBC’s Louisa Bojesen and Carolin Roth break down the key details of Francois Fillon's latest press conference.


Business cycle is biggest risk to world economy: Rubenstein

David Rubenstein, co-founder and co-CEO at The Carlyle Group, reveals what he thinks is the biggest risk for the global economy.


Unlikely Le Pen will win French election: Rubenstein

David Rubenstein, co-founder and co-CEO at The Carlyle Group, says “people have not been good at predicting elections” lately.


Believe Trump intends to keep promises: Rubenstein

The Carlyle Group co-CEO and co-founder, David Rubenstein talks about how serious President Trump is when it comes to delivering campaign promises, with comment on tax reform and infrastructure.


Don’t think Dodd-Frank will be repealed: Rubenstein

David Rubenstein, co-founder and co-CEO at The Carlyle Group, talks about regulation, whether Dodd-Frank will be rolled back.


40% chance Le Pen will win French election: UBS Wealth MGMT

Caroline Simmons, deputy head of U.K. investment office at UBS Wealth Management, says the main way that politics has been playing out in the equities market is through currencies.


Man Group swings to a loss

Man Group posted a full-year pre-tax loss of $272 million, with a steep decline in performance fees weighing on its performance in market trading. CNBC’s Gemma Acton has more.


The future of Fillon’s presidential campaign

Bruno Cautrès, political sciences professor at Sciences Po Paris, discusses the latest in French politics with specific comment on Presidential Candidate Francois Fillon.


Must find solution to crisis: New Democracy VP

New Democracy Vice President Adonis Georgiadis talks about the latest developments with the bailout talks in Greece, and hopes of exiting the Greek crisis.