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Russia ETF sees big bullish turnaround

After diving in 2015, Russian equity tracking ETF RSX has surged this year. Are more gains ahead? Boris Schlossberg of BK Asset Management and Tim Seymour of Triogem Asset Management discuss with Brian Sullivan.


We see H2 2016 cost increases in Russia: Carlsberg

Carlsberg Group CEO & President, Cees ’t Hart, talks about the beverage maker’s performance in Russia and other markets like China.


Ivanka Trump goes sightseeing with Wendi Murdoch

The Republican presidential nominee's daughter posted a photo on Instagram of the two sightseeing in Croatia.


Russia medal haul more modest than land grabs: Pro

Vadim Nikitin, assistant director at Stroz Friedberg, suggests "cautious optimism" as Russia opens up negotiations with its Western counterparts.


Russia hopeful that sanctions will end: Expert

Chris Weafer, senior partner at Macro-Advisory, says Moscow is hoping Europe will end financial sanctions against Russia.


OPEC production pressures

Tamar Essner, Energy Director with Nasdaq Advisory Services, and Jan Stuart, Managing Director, Credit Suisse Head of Global Energy Research, discuss the oil market and what to expect from OPEC.


Talk of producer action moves oil over $45

CNBC's Sharon Epperson reports on moves in oil and gas following talk of Russia's energy minister working with other producers to stabilize the market.


Mosquito fest awards person with highest number of bites

At Russia's annual Mosquito Festival, guests are encouraged to leave the bug spray at home.


Plans move ahead for major Russian pipeline project

Russia and Turkey will resume the Turkstream gas pipeline project as the two countries mend ties.


Turkey needs good relations with Russia: Stroz Friedberg

Vadim Nikitin, assistant director of Stroz Friedberg, discusses the significance of today's meeting between Erdogan and Putin.