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Russian Olympic team awaits IOC ruling

The International Olympic Committee will decide whether or not the entire national team will be excluded from the Rio games.


Russian athletes still banned from Rio Olympics

The Court of Arbitration for Sport denied to appeal the Olympic ban on 68 Russian track and field athletes.


We are always looking for the best markets: Severstal CFO

Alexey Kulichenko, CFO of Severstal, talks about demand for steel and the Russian company's earnings.


Mainland China and Russia are growing: Swatch CEO

Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch, explains why he is optimistic for the second half of the year due to growing sales in China and Russia.


Olympics ban for Russia?

The World Anti-Doping Agency is recommending that Russia be banned from the Rio Olympics, but will the IOC agree? CNBC's Phil Han reports.


Agency calls for Russian athlete ban at Olympics

World Anti-Doping Agency recommends no Russian team from any sport should show up to Rio for the Olympics, which is only 19 days away. CNBC's Eric Chemi reports.


Evidence confirmed of doping by Russian athletes at Sochi Olympics

A report by an independent commission of the World Anti-Doping Agency claims a Moscow laboratory protected Russian athletes in 2014.


How might the coup affect Russia-Turkey relations?

Igor Ivanov, former Russian foreign minister, says the military coup in Turkey underlines the need for cooperation between Russia and Turkey.


IMF expects Russia to return to growth in 2017

The International Monetary Fund says Russia's recession has been shallower than expected.


NATO-Russia council meets to address security issues

With the NATO-Russia council meeting taking place in Brussels later on Wednesday, CNBC’s Hadley Gamble looks at the key conversations that could take place at the event.