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Tesla at the top  

Media Link Transcript The performances amazing it's accelerates faster than the model lest we tested before. It's actually more efficient as well. The previous one at 85 miles per gallon equivalent in electricity this 187 so really just disappear vehicle you can have performance could also have efficiency chose. Our Rick Santelli. You. We talked out of Chicago is a big car guy actually doesn't ...
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One of the better auctions this week  

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Santelli Exchange: Expect bumpy normalization  

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Santelli Exchange: Financial stability risks  

Media Link Transcript Let's go backwards and dying quickly GDP any thoughts on the strength there the inventory issues or how it's going to match up to. Atlanta. GDP knowledge about one point four for the current quarter. You know and something that struck me this morning about the GDP report and I still see the world through the lens of out of a fed insider. Outweigh any candidate and excuse ...
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Santelli: Bond stability back... for now  

Media Link Transcript Dollars so many stories out there and Starr is at the Chinese were big sellers of long and big income maybe they weren't. Whose officials everywhere and there's no real name sources. There's also big talk of course that William Dudley president New York fed. In Jackson hall. Save the day because he said less compelling. But he settled lot of things this goes back to the ...
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Jobless claims down 6K to 271,000, Q2 GDP (revised) up 3.7%  

Media Link Transcript All right let's see what our second look at second quarter GDP it's a barn burner. Three point seven from 2.3. Two at three point seven. That is indeed a large number consumption. Three point one. That's kind of is expected in boring by comparison to the headlines are all white one on the price and acts. Personal consumption expenditure quarter over quarter for what it ...
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Closing Bell Exchange: Rally gains steam again  

Media Link Transcript What do you make of this sad turn around big we're gonna hold hearings today I think we do hauled into you know we've been talking about the market close imbalances since yesterday. People should Melvin what happened yesterday was a function of the market working correctly. Because the New York Stock Exchange broadcasts of the world that there was an imbalance of three ...
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Santelli: 5-year popped  

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Market timer says 'critical point in market'  

Media Link Transcript We've had a number called in the Chinese market since December 4 or sixth of 2012 unfortunately. We've had ice accessories identifying the tops and bottoms within one or two days of the top or bottom. So we've got to get a good the good strain and hopefully this is another we were looking for were up he a top there kinda June 12. You're there right do you that I just like ...
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Santelli eyes 'stubborn' 30-year yield  

Media Link Transcript Let's get your exams Elliott the CME Eric. You know the tenure in the third year commerce start out with what I think is the most important chart you're gonna see at least some buying it today. And so while wheat chart the S&P futures and I think the FB futures. Because from it in perspective it trades more off than. Making charge we'll better during the off hours. And ...
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