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Cashin: Yellen’s like a multi-armed goddess

CNBC’s Mary Thompson and Art Cashin, of UBS, discuss the Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s statement regarding negative rates and Brexit, and what’s behind the bid under equities.


Auto insurance rates on the rise

CNBC's Mary Thompson reports on the factors driving auto insurance rates higher this year.


Cashing in on the canal

CNBC's Mary Thompson reports from Panama on the new lane opening on the Panama Canal for even larger container ships to pass through.


Panama Canal opens wider lane

CNBC's Mary Thompson reports on the new lane at the Panama Canal, which is re-configuring global trade which is expected to pay off for railroads.


$5.25B canal overhaul

CNBC’s Mary Thompson reports from the Panama Canal and explains how a their new lane could cut shipping costs from Asia by 30 percent.


New era for Panama Canal

CNBC's Mary Thompson takes a look at improvements made to the Panama Canal in a project that took nine years to build in order to accommodate mega-ships.


Growing careers in agriculture

CNBC's Mary Thompson takes a look at growing careers in agriculture and speaks to Tracy House, a Monsanto worker, to talk about his experience.


Monsanto seeks workers

As the population is expected to grow, Monsanto is looking to increase efficiency and harvest. CNBC's Mary Thompson reports on the company's recruiting for new skills.


Decline in CEO pay, wage gap widens

CNBC's Mary Thompson reports on a drop in CEO pay as the wage gap widens.


Decline in CEO pay

CNBC's Mary Thompson on the decline in CEO pay and how it's closely linked to fewer really big paychecks at the country's biggest firms.