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Where's the best investment opportunity?

At the Investors Choice Awards in London, CNBC talks to some of 2015's top-performing hedge fund managers and asks them where they see the greatest opportunity.


Top threats ahead? Hedge fund managers debate

At the Investors Choice Awards in London, CNBC talks to some top-performing hedge fund managers and asks them what are some of the biggest threats they see ahead.


Will hedge funds 'sell in May and go away'?

Will hedge fund managers follow the old adage "sell in May and go away" or fight the tradition? Leading managers discuss at London's Investors Choice Awards.


Here's why Europe needs swagger

CNBC's Karen Tso lays out the problems facing Europe and explains why Europe needs swagger.


Will consumers really embrace VR?

Goldman Sachs recently estimated that VR and augmented reality is set to become an $80 billion market in almost 10 years’ time.


Who dominated at 2016's Mobile World Congress?

Mobile World Congress started with a bang, with products from Samsung, LG and Sony. But virtual reality was the real stand-out star of this year's show.


We want to play in high-end market: Sony CEO

After Sony unveiled the Xperia X and XA models, CNBC asked its CEO, Kazuo Hirai, if the lack of scale would be a problem for the new flagship smartphones.


5G: A future winner of the mobile market?

The behemoths of the smartphone industry met in Barcelona to discuss 5G. Will it be sink or swim for the new platform?


How will tech disrupt our world?

Everything from education to manufacturing will see disruption and the hot debate right now is how much it will affect the way we live and work.


Connected cars: A reality for the average Joe?

CNBC's Karen Tso talks to Synchronoss' CEO, Stephen Waldis, about the future of the car space and how quickly we could see an Apple or Google car on our roads.