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Georgia election headed for a runoff

CNBC's John Harwood reports on Georgia's special election where the GOP held off a Dem win.

Source: CNBC.com

Georgia special election a referendum on Trump?

CNBC's John Harwood reports the highlights of the special election for the 6th District in Georgia as the traditionally Republican seat may become Democratic.

Source: CNBC.com

Will Georgia's special election become a referendum on Trump?

CNBC's John Harwood reports on Georgia's special election to replace the seat vacated by Tom Price who became President Trump's secretary of Health and Human Services.

Source: CNBC.com

US drops largest non-nuclear bomb ever in Afghanistan

CNBC's John Harwood reports the latest on President Trump's shifting position on key issues.

Source: CNBC.com

WH budget director: 'We refuse to accept' CBO growth estimates

Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, tells CNBC that President Trump's budget will project economic growth increasing to 3 percent after the administration pursues tax, regulatory, health policy changes.

Source: CNBC.com

Trump's debt elimination goal is 'hyperbole,' budget director says

President Donald Trump's budget director Mick Mulvaney said his boss exaggerated when he promised to eliminate the federal debt while also pursuing his policy agenda. Mulvaney's comments came during an interview with CNBC's John Harwood.

Source: CNBC.com

Budget battle in Congress

CNBC's John Harwood reports on his conversation with Mick Mulvaney, Office of Management and Budget director, about tax reform.

Source: CNBC.com

Mulvaney: Chances of a government shutdown very low

CNBC's John Harwood sits down with Mick Mulvaney, OMB director to talk about the looming budget battle on Capitol Hill.

Source: CNBC.com

Mulvaney says to expect 'a Donald Trump tax plan'

After failing on health care, OMB director Mulvaney says the White House will take the lead on a tax reform plan designed to “go big or go home.”

Source: CNBC.com

Without deputies, Mulvaney leans on 'deep state'

OMB director Mulvaney, lacking any appointed deputies, is assembling his budget with the help of career staffers that some Trump allies disdain as “the deep state.”

Source: CNBC.com