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Housing's reversal of fortune  

Media Link Transcript We know that houses have been flying off the shelves for the back past six months pretty much everywhere a lot of that. Has to do with tight supply and that of course leads to bidding wars and other back to markets. No child care are the ones with the biggest price cuts mostly in California but also Seattle Denver and even just outside often in Cambridge. They did ...
Source: CNBC.com
Pending home sales up  

Media Link Transcript There are pending home sales up. Zero point 5% in July from June so call it flat but June number was upwardly revised we're still up seven point four per cent from a year ago. On the pending home sales index the National Association of Realtors. Now this represent. Signed contracts than July spoke out in open houses and making that decision to sign a contract in July ...
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Mortgage rate moves  

Media Link Transcript Kelly mortgage rates at B said loosely follows the ten year treasury yield but they don't swing nearly as quickly or is in wide street strokes so. We thought some lenders go as low is three point 75%. Yesterday on the popular thirty year fixed loan so the lowest in three months and then. So when backed up a bit to three point 875%. Today now the month long trend toward ...
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New home priced edge higher  

Media Link Transcript Mixed signal to be start with sun nice bump up in July sales of newly built homes up five point 4% for the month up nearly 26%. From a year ago but last elevenths a bit anyway new home sales are way up the year to date compared to a year ago. And while we did see a nice move higher in starts last night we're still building at well below historical norms. I wanna focus on ...
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July new home sales miss  

Media Link Transcript Coming out of every seventeen not quite session highs oil catching ebitda 3932. And now the data begins let's get to Rick Santelli for some of that Rick. There's a lot of data virtual Starwood July new home sales. 507000. Corsets seasonally adjusted annualized we're looking for a number of very close to the that last month for 82 was hardly provides that all the 481. ...
Source: CNBC.com
Existing home sales up 2.0% in July  

Media Link Transcript Well we look at the most contemporary it's the Argus street for the Philly that index and that is eight point 3.3. I was eight point three that in. Hi the year was fifty point you wouldn't you know on a below the year was five exactly embarked gutsy kind of fits right in. Between those levels if we look at some of the internals we have Philly Fed new orders actually moved ...
Source: CNBC.com
Home builders increasing production to meet demand: Pro  

Media Link Transcript We would qualify to force him marking California it's nothing but red hot. And when you look at job growth in LA and Orange County vs housing permits in five to one in San Francisco it's ten to one is the best in the nation. And if you look at a big picture across the US for growth in California. Nevada. Arizona Texas. Florida is well in the Carolinas and Georgia. You ...
Source: CNBC.com
Reading tea leaves on housing  

Media Link Transcript It's a great week to read the tea leaves on the housing front lots of data starting with the builders early it's weak showing some really promising numbers. And some caveats first builder sentiment with the highest in nearly a decade they reported better buyer traffic better current sales. But they irrelevant for early on sales expectations over the next six months ...
Source: CNBC.com
US markets used to China?  

Media Link Transcript Few weeks ago we walked in here dampened China was down six you might have freaked out a little bit more what's changed. Could get used to it a little bit I think what we're seeing is there's maybe the contagion effect secular earlier this year but it was a big revaluation of the Swiss franc. A lot of contagion fears contingent didn't happen after few days a week or two ...
Source: CNBC.com
Housing starts higher  

Media Link Transcript We'll Simon an eight year high yet but still not near historical norms the headline number damn thing month but the internal people buying and take a look. Total housing starts inched higher by zero point 2% in July from June there are 10% from a year ago. That lit on single family vs multifamily what the change that. Single up nearly 13%. Multifamily down 17% for the ...
Source: CNBC.com