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Alibaba probe focusing on Singles Day sales

The Chinese e-commerce giant is under investigation by US regulators over a possible violation of federal securities laws.


Apple TV may be working on Amazon Echo rival

The tech giant may be working on a new Apple TV that includes a device to compete with Amazon's voice-activated assistant.


Justin Bieber sued over vocal riff

The Canadian pop star and co-writers of 'Sorry' are being sued for allegedly stealing a vocal riff from another artist.


Putin heads to Greece ahead of sanctions votes

Russian President Vladimir Putin is heading to Greece on Friday as part of a charm offensive.


Superbug found in US for first time

Health officials report the first case of a patient with an infection resistant to all known antibiotics.


Chinese counterfeit goods market is only getting bigger

Experts say China's counterfeit and intellectual property infringement problem continues to grow.


CNBC update: F-18 collision

CNBC's Courtney Reagan reports the latest headlines including four crew members rescued from the ocean after two Navy F-18 jets collided, and Baylor University demoting President Starr and firing its football coach.


CNBC update: Allstate to cover Airbnb hosts

CNBC's Courtney Reagan reports the latest headlines including Paris police scuffling with protesters over the government's new labor bill, and Allstate will begin offering home insurance coverage for Airbnb hosts in six states.


CNBC update: Military plane crash

Four airmen have been rescued after two F-18 jets collided; and a recent Triple A survey shows 55 percent more Americans are likely to take a road trip this Memorial weekend, reports CNBC's Courtney Reagan.


CNBC update: Trump reaches delegates needed

The Obamas are getting ready for life after the White House; and Donald Trump has reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican nominatino for president, reports CNBC's Courtney Reagan.