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Is China's growth on the road to a sustainable recovery?

China’s banks have been “hit hard” by the rise of non-performing loans, explains Cedric Chehab, head of Asia research at BMI Research, while commenting on the nation’s banks and property market.


Troubled times for China's P2P industry

China's P2P players are under regulatory scrutiny after frauds at high-profile lenders, but at least one firm expects benefits from the sector's shake-up. Eunice Yoon reports.


China to open up service sectors: Should you care?

News that Beijing will lift curbs on investments in service sectors, including e-commerce, logistics and accounting, is positive but won't be a game-changer, explains Adrian Mowat of J.P. Morgan.


Dalian Wanda launches its first theme park in China

The new Wanda City theme park in Nanchang is unlikely to be successful given the high amount of dead theme parks around the mainland, warns Francis Lun, CEO at Gun Securities.


Asia stocks mixed in early trade

Asian equity markets kicked off the first trading day of the week on a cautious note ahead of major data releases from China, Australia and Japan this week.


Chinese counterfeit goods market is only getting bigger

Experts say China's counterfeit and intellectual property infringement problem continues to grow.


Commodities tomorrow: Crude crosses $50, pulls back

CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets.


Starbucks CEO: Optimistic we'll succeed in China

CNBC's Kelly Evans speaks with Howard Schultz, Starbucks Chairman & CEO, about the coffee giant's business in China with stores, a roastery and a partnership with Shanghai Disney, as well as the company's expansion into other markets.


Starbucks adding roastery in China

Starbucks is announcing a big move in China, with CNBC's Kelly Evans.


Dealing with world disorder: Robert Hormats

Robert Hormats, Kissinger Associates, talks about world disruption scenarios including the threat of Brexit, instability in Syria and the spread of ISIS. Also Hormats, discusses Russia's unreliability and figuring out a way to work with China.