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U.S. begins $4.05 bln Madoff fund payout, thousands to recoup losses

NEW YORK, Nov 9- The U.S. government said it has begun distributing $772.5 million from a $4.05 billion fund to compensate victims of Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme, ending a nearly nine-year wait for thousands of people to start recouping their losses. A total of 24,631 checks from the Madoff Victim Fund are being mailed to individuals, government entities,...

Source: Reuters

DOJ announces distribution of more than $770 million to Bernie Madoff victims

The Department of Justice announced Thursday that an initial distribution had begun to more than 24,000 victims of Madoff's Ponzi scheme.

Source: CNBC.com

Criminals, slaves, minorities: the unseemly past of the body trade

Oct 31- Body donation was not always considered the altruistic act it is today. It was also rarely voluntary. "Doctors and students took for dissection the bodies of the losers of society, said Michael Sappol, a former National Library of Medicine historian and author of A Traffic of Dead Bodies.

Source: Reuters

SPECIAL REPORT-U.S. company makes a fortune selling bodies donated to science

PHOENIX, Arizona, Oct 26- In 2008, a thriving company named Science Care Inc developed a 55- page national expansion plan. Science Care founder Jim Rogers aimed to provide customers with the same cuts from cadavers no matter which Science Care branch handled the order. When you get a Big Mac, its going to taste like a Big Mac, whether youre in Louisiana or San...

Source: Reuters

SPECIAL REPORT-In the market for human bodies, almost anyone can sell the dead

LAS VEGAS, Oct 24- The company stacked brochures in funeral parlors around Sin City. On the cover: a couple clasping hands. Above the image, a promise: Providing Options in Your Time of Need.

Source: Reuters