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S&P's index guru David Blitzer on passive investing, market valuation and Trump-Reagan comparisons

CNBC's Mike Santoli sits down with the chairman of S&P Dow Jones Index Committee to discuss how he picks companies for the benchmarks.


Obama's biggest parting gift to Trump may be the economy

CNBC took a look at the economic records of the presidents since Jimmy Carter to assess President Obama's performance.


Plaza memories may unnerve Trump-fueled dollar bulls

*Dollar rallies usually thwarted by Washington. *China, emerging markets now wield huge influence. The greenback's surge under then-president Ronald Reagan was so powerful that by 1985 it required a rare international accord between the world's five leading economic powers and their central banks to weaken the currency- the so-called Plaza Accord, named...

Source: Reuters

Breakingviews: Markets’ 1980s style revival on Trump looks like a flawed throwback

The market's rally after Donald Trump's election is ignoring the negative effects of his protectionist policies, Breakingviews says.

Source: Breakingviews

Op-Ed: Don't expect Yellen to push back on Trump

Fed Chair Janet Yellen says she wants to stick around, which means she'll do what Trump wants, says Jake Novak.