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UPDATE 1-WhatsApp relaxes privacy stance, to share phone numbers with Facebook

When Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, founder Jan Koum vowed to protect data of its users, saying the deal would not affect its privacy policy. Koum had outlined his approach to privacy in a blog post after the deal with Facebook, drawing on his own experiences of growing up in Ukraine during the Soviet era. NOT kidding, "Twitter user Mindy McAdams wrote.

Source: Reuters

Social media giants must do more to police sites - UK lawmakers

LONDON, Aug 25- Facebook, Twitter and YouTube should hire more people to monitor hate speech and material inciting violence as well as putting staff in police operation centres to remove offending posts faster, British lawmakers said. "Huge corporations like Google, Facebook and Twitter, with their billion dollar incomes, are consciously failing to tackle this...

Source: Reuters

UK Lawmakers push social outlets to prevent extremist propaganda

British legislators are accusing social media platforms of 'consciously failing' to prevent the promotion of terrorism.


UK lawmakers urge social media companies to tackle extremism

LONDON— British lawmakers on Thursday demanded that social media do more to police users who promote extremism, arguing that companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter are "consciously failing" to stop radicalization online. Social media companies are leaving cyberspace "ungoverned and lawless," allowing the forums to become the lifeblood of the so-called...

Source: The Associated Press

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are ‘recruiting platforms’ for terrorists: Lawmakers

Social media firms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are "consciously failing" to stop their sites from being used to promote terrorism and recruit extremists, U.K. lawmakers claimed in a report released on Thursday.


Trader sentiment on Pfizer is surging, according to social media data

Traders are loving Pfizer more, according to data showing an increase in bullish mentions of the stock on Twitter.


Turing Pharmaceuticals accused of retaliating for sex assault complaint

Nancy Retzlaff, has filed a federal complaint against Turing, accusing one of Shkreli’s friends, of sexually assault, the New York Times reports.

Source: The New York Times

Mark Cuban fires back at Jack Welch over Clinton Foundation

The Dallas Mavericks owner fires back in defense of Clinton asking Welch for an example of where he was able to buy 'pay for play'.


Tech talk from Silicon Valley: CEO

Dan Rosensweig, Chegg CEO, weighs in on Twitter's identity crisis, Elon Musk's bond-buying binge in SolarCity, the future of Snapchat, and structural issues at Yahoo.


Posting could elevate severity of man's charges in killing

PHOENIX— A Twitter posting by an Arizona man who was arrested on suspicion of killing his roommate during a struggle could elevate the severity of charges he could face. Two days before the fatal shooting, 21- year-old Zachary Dale Penton posted a comment saying he needed to move out of the metropolitan Phoenix home where he was living before he killed his...

Source: The Associated Press