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Bitcoin may have more than doubled this year, but rival Ethereum is up 2,000%. Here's why

Ethereum has been backed by major firms including JPMorgan, Microsoft and Intel.


Google’s AlphaGo is playing the world Go champ in China, but nobody can watch it there

China is hosting a hotly anticipated tournament of Go – a complex, ancient Chinese board game – against a powerful Google computer program, but nobody inside the country can watch the games.


Reporter's notebook: Be warned: $25 oil is coming, and along with it, a new world order

Get ready for cheap oil and self-driving cars sooner than you may think, CNBC's Oriel Morrison reports.


Larry Summers: Trump created a budget with such an egregious error he would fail an economics course

Trump's budget makes sense "if you believe in tooth fairies and ludicrous supply-side economics," says Larry Summers.


Op-Ed: The Trump budget is just telling the truth—and you can’t handle the truth!

The Trump budget is finally giving the American people what they need—the hard truth about spending, says Jake Novak.


Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and other major concert stars react to Manchester Arena attack

Ariana Grande has also shared a brief message with her followers on Twitter, after the fatal attack Monday evening at her concert.


Euro soars to six-month high as currency is buoyed by strong data and hawkish comments

The euro currency leaped to a six-month high on Tuesday following strong production data and hawkish talk from European policymakers.


Police say shopping center arrest not connected to Manchester attack

Police arrested a man at a major shopping center in Manchester that was temporarily evacuated, but do not believe the incident was connected with the attack that killed 22 people in the same northern English city.

Source: Reuters

Sophisticated weapon used in Manchester terror attack is ‘disturbing’, says security expert

The explosive device used in the Manchester terror attack on Monday evening was worryingly sophisticated, according to a U.K.-based security expert.


Europe ends mostly higher after strong economic data; Nokia pops 6.4%

European bourses closed mostly in positive territory on Tuesday, on the back of a solid set of economic data for the euro zone.