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The 5 top retirement havens with the lowest cost of living

The analysis by International Living evaluated things like a flight back to the U.S., rent, groceries, movie theater tickets, and hidden costs.

Source: A prime French Riviera spot with a temperate climate costs around $3,200 a month, International Living reports.

Here are the best (and worst) states to retire

With more retirees responsible for their own financial security, choosing the right destination once you've stopped working can make all the difference.


When Jack Black's Polka King comes selling investments, you should run

Don't mistake affability for financial savvy — the investment seller may be a con man.


4 reasons employers should use that corporate tax cut for a larger 401(k) match

With so many Americans struggling to save for retirement, employers should consider upping their company match programs for 401(k) savers.


5 key differences between Roth and traditional IRAs

These two popular retirement savings plans each have very different rules.


Liz Weston: What good financial advice looks like

The U.S. Department of Labor has delayed key portions of a fiduciary rule that would require financial advisers to put their retirement account clients' interests first. The provisions are set to begin July 1, 2019, but it's anyone's guess if that will happen. "The safe thing is for the investor to assume it's still the same buyer-beware market that's always...

Source: The Associated Press

4 tips for choosing who prepares your 2017 tax returns

Here are some tips to help you pick your tax preparer to see the return-filing process through to the end.


How to ensure your financial plan can withstand the test of time

The good news: You'll probably live longer than expected. The bad news: Your financial plan may not account for those extra years. Here's how to adjust.


Trump's racial provocations, so shocking in the White House, helped get him there

No Republican presidential candidate has reached 20 percent of the black vote since Richard Nixon.


Student loan nightmare: Some borrowers have to start over

Some people in public service jobs who believe they're paying their way to loan forgiveness actually don't qualify for one reason or another.