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Focusing on big bank stocks is 'missing the whole ballgame': Analyst Dick Bove

The big bank stocks aren't having a great year, but there are plenty of opportunities beyond the largest names, says Dick Bove.


What to expect from the bank stress test results this week

Chris Whalen, Whalen Global Advisers chairman, and Dick Bove, Hilton Capital Management chief strategist, discuss whether they expect Thursday’s bank stress test results to move the markets.


Dick Bove: Big banks are losing lending business to smaller competitors and here's why

Big banks sacrificed branches and "hi-touch" services for mobile banking and "hi-tech," and they have lost loan business as a result.


Dimon-Buffett plan to drop guidance could cause investors to rely on 'rumor and innuendo,' analyst Bove says

A proposal by Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett to end quarterly earnings guidance drew considerable acclaim but also scattered criticism, including a sharp rebuke from an analyst who's been in the business for more than half a century. The idea is "misguided" in that it would increase market volatility by reducing information and actually increasing speculation, said Dick Bove, a strategist at Hilton Capital Management


Goldman, JP Morgan stocks look cheaper but it's too soon to buy — Bove

Investors looking for bargains after the sell off in major U.S. bank stocks should wait until the risks from Italy are clear,er says bank analyst Richard Bove of Hilton Capital Management.