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Play offense on energy... export oil: SO CEO  

We have made a huge shift away from coal and have gone to natural gas. We're also expanding in nuclear and solar energy, says Thomas Fanning, Southern Company CEO, discussing the company's clean power plan.
Source: CNBC.com
State police nominee: 'Room for improvement' in diversity

Tom Wolf's new nominee to lead the Pennsylvania State Police said Tuesday that he sees room for improvement in the diversity of troopers and that better recruiting practices could help. Tyree C. Blocker, a 30- year veteran of the agency, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that he's still catching up on changes in the department since he retired 10...
Source: The Associated Press
What the charts say  

Has the market gotten fatigued? Technicians Katie Stockton of BTIG, and Ari Wald of Oppenheimer, share their views.
Source: CNBC.com
Investing in a rising rate market  

Jerry Castellini, CastleArk Management, is a bull on the market, and Nicholas Colas, Convergex, shares his bearish concerns.
Source: CNBC.com
September rate hike out of reach?  

David Lebovitz, JPMorgan Asset Management, and Ward McCarthy, Jeffries chief financial economist, look at how current economic factors will impact the Fed's decision to hike rates.
Source: CNBC.com
Are humans underrated in a tech-driven world?  

Geoff Colvin, Fortune senior editor-at-large, and "Humans are Underrated" author, discusses how humans' unique skill sets may be in danger as computers and robots take over a machine-driven world.
Source: CNBC.com
All in: Investors' cash levels hit record low

Investors are holding the least amount of cash maybe ever, and that's not good for the long-term outlook of the bull market.
Source: CNBC.com | By: John Melloy
Cramer: Cheap oil great for bulls  

Mad Money host Jim Cramer reminds investors there are always two sides to every coin. Why China, oil and Greece are all good for the bulls.
Source: CNBC.com
We want to be the market's Yelp: Vetr CEO  

Vetr is a website where the crowd can determine ratings and stock prices. Patrick Williams, Vetr CEO, joins Closing Bell to discuss.
Source: CNBC.com
'West Texas Investors Club' at the NYSE  

Wayne Gilliam and Mike McConaughey, "West Texas Investors Club," shares a sneak peak of CNBC's new original primetime series.
Source: CNBC.com