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Are ETFs driving the selloff?  

Media Link Transcript So in others there was a lot going on Monday the big issue and then our entire weekend was spent on this with clients to support. Was Monday. Last capitulation that meaning that epic plunged doubt we coming down a thousand. And what we know is that a lot of individual stocks it looks as it turns out were being influenced by what was going on not the stock level but by at ...
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Bifurcated China reaching turning point: Peter Orszag  

Media Link Transcript This fundamental problem here for the Chinese leadership and for the Chinese economy is so much of their historical growth came from the simple game of moving. A worker from agriculture right manufacturing and that works when you have like in the late 1972. Thirds of the workforce in agriculture. Now it's down to a quarter. So that. Deem it is harder to play an reaching ...
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Red flags for China's economy: Expert  

Media Link Transcript I think what I'd like to look at would be for example copper. And also the long bond I mean is why is koppers in the in the toilet and as long as it. Along my states where it is. China a going anywhere in the Fed's not raising interest rates in the global economies. Down on its back structurally what we have is. China's two biggest customers. Europe in the United States ...
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Cramer: Heavy hitters leading the way  

Media Link Transcript My mission is simple. You money. A reasonable Morgan summer. And Cramer welcome to mad money. Welcome the America other people when my friends I'm just trying to make some money by joblessness is entertain but educate coaches so called me. At 1807 were three CBC or tweet me. Jim Cramer. Today. Today though winners yeah. Tell the Dow closed up just six point estimated. ...
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Cramer: How to play the chaos in crude  

Media Link Transcript Oil is in a deep live today it's closing adding new six year low it was a session that only really what one direction it's wonderful it's cheaper. Pattern the last few weeks reasserted itself to. Today is average get crushed by some well plummeted down to 43 chains. The key level words bottom place before all the wealthy close at such low. I think it's time to take a step ...
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