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We’ve done a lot of cleaning up this year: Banco Sabadell  

Banco Sabadell’s 2015 profits and net interest income beat forecasts, following the purchase of TSB. Banco Sabadell chairman, Josep Oliu discusses the results.
Medical breakthroughs  

Can a cure for cancer be found soon? Vice President Joe Biden is leading the cancer “moonshot” to double the rate of progress towards that goal. With more than $30 billion dollars in U.S. funding this year, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the world’s leading medical research agency. National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins says we’ve “got cancer’s number.” He also explains how technological and scientific discoveries are improving health around the globe.
Mexico warns of China triggering 'perverse' currency wars

Mexico would be in the front line as the peso is the most widely traded emerging market currency and is used by traders as a proxy, the Financial Times reports.
Source: Financial Times | By: Jude Webber
A new year, a new you!  

This is the year that you’ve decided you will retire! Here are three moves to make now before you leave your job.