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Bullion is your best bet in crazy markets, say experts

Investors should hold physical gold as a hedge in a market meltdown, some experts have advised, as equities continued their wild ride on Friday.
Source: | By: Saheli Roy Choudhury
Asia markets extend rout as Nikkei plunges 4.8%

Markets in Asia dropped sharply on Friday, with the Nikkei tumbling, as oil remained volatile and concerns about how central banks' easing measures will affect banks' earnings persisted.
Source: | By: Saheli Roy Choudhury
Cramer: Be ready when the big banks get uglier

Jim Cramer shares his strategy to win against the impact of big European banks right now. You can be scared, or you can be smart. Which one is it?
Source: | By: Abigail Stevenson
Charts say buy gold, bet against stocks

Chris Kimble, founder and CEO of Kimble Charting Solutions, believes the market is going lower and gold is breaking out. Here's why...
Source: | By: Chris Kimble, founder and CEO of Kimble Charting Solutions
Here's where there's still value in stocks: Yardeni

The president of Yardeni Research, Ed Yardeni, thinks stocks can still go higher from here.
Source: | By: Leanne Miller
Fidelity: Our clients are not panicking

Instead of panicking about the sell-off, a lot of the Boston-based company's clients are putting more money to work.
Source: | By: Mary Thompson
Wall Street should fear the next president

Wall Street may not know it yet, but it's really going to miss President Obama, says Kabir Sehgal. Here's why.
Source: | By: Kabir Sehgal
Yellen: Negative rates not 'off the table'

As recession fears mount in the U.S., Fed Chair Janet Yellen conceded there's a "chance" of a downturn ahead.
Source: | By: Jeff Cox
Market plunging, yields diving; What to do now

CNBC Pro asked Wall Street strategists and ran statistical models to find how you should position your portfolio during this sell-off.
Source: | By: Tae Kim
Stocks cut losses on OPEC deal chatter

Stocks closed lower, but well off their lows, as investors digested a massive global sell-off, oil, and OPEC deal chatter.
Source: | By: Fred Imbert