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SunEdison's big blow-up  

Media Link Transcript Brutal day. Lots of stocks is blowing up all over the so maybe this is the perfect data talk about one of the worst loss of your sorry sack of sun Edison. In major renewable energy development company that finances builds owns opera sole source solar wind power plants to stock went sour and our markets. Until one month ago sun Edison is one of the hottest stocks out ...
Source: CNBC.com
INSIGHT-Is the public kept in the dark about Canadian air safety issues?

TORONTO, Aug 20 (Reuters) - Regulators threatened to ground Canada's Porter Airlines over safety problems in 2008, according to documents reviewed by Reuters, but the matter was kept secret for years - a sign, some critics say, of how little the public is told about the safety of Canadian airlines. The documents, prepared by staff at the federal transport regulator, show that in early October ...
Source: Reuters | By: Allison Martell
If Twitter doesn't change, it won't last: Pro  

Nick Bilton, NYT columnist, weighs in on Twitter and their business strategy going forward as they get crushed on guidance.
Source: CNBC.com
Chris Christie targets Donald Trump  

Media Link Transcript New Jersey governor and GOP hopeful Chris Christie making the rounds in New Hampshire and that's where he sat down with our John Harwood for part of the CNBC speak easy series. Math doesn't support Donald position. Okay because I would make us rich enough. That we don't have that touches for I mean this and my proposal is substantive. And based upon the facts on the ...
Source: CNBC.com