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Friends, Romans: Help restore Rome's ruins, monuments

Rome is seeking all the sponsors it can find to fund the monumental job of restoring and maintaining its hundreds of fountains, statues, archaeological sites and historic palazzos. Officials said the nation of Azerbaijan has helped to restore a room of the Capitoline Museums, while lighting that has made the boulevard flanking the Imperial Forums a popular...

Source: The Associated Press

DIARY-Emerging Markets Economic Events to June 1

MONDAY, MAY 23 BEIJING- Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard gives Beijing City Lecture on the U.S. economy and monetary policy before the Official Monetary and Financial Institution Forum- 0930 GMT. ROME- IMF head of mission Rishi Goyal and vice director for Europe Thanos Arvanitis hold a news conference to discuss their latest annual...

Source: Reuters

ANALYSIS-German "doom loop" cure could be worse than banks' disease

ROME, May 9- The euro zone is tying itself in knots over whether to limit banks' holdings of their own governments' bonds or to make them set aside more capital against home sovereign risk. Germany, the bloc's dominant power, has made such "risk reduction" measures, as it calls them, a prior condition before it will accept any further "risk sharing" in Europe's banking...

Source: Reuters

Chinese police officers patrolling in Italy

China sends officers to Europe to protect mainland tourists as part of a groundbreaking program.


Chinese police join Italian officers to patrol tourist hotspots in Rome and Milan

Chinese police are patrolling Italy to protect mainland tourists as part of a groundbreaking program, the South China Morning Post reports.

Source: SCMP

Real estate relic is painful reminder of Italy's bad debts

*Bad loans holding back banks in Italy. ROME, April 29- An unfinished hotel and empty swimming pool sit sadly on the lush hillside of Pitigliano in Tuscany, where they should have welcomed the holidaymakers who flock to central Italy. But the Tosteto spa sits even more heavily on the balance sheet of Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which lent 11 million euros to the...

Source: Reuters

INSIGHT-Italy's Atlas fund struggles to stop sky falling on banks

MILAN, April 15- Italy has dubbed its new bank bailout fund Atlas, after the mythical Greek titan, because it is meant to hold up the sky above the nation's lenders. The 5- 6 billion euro fund was hailed by the government as an industry-led response to concerns in Rome and other European capitals about the euro zone's fourth-biggest banking system.

Source: Reuters

Italy to send special mission of lenders to Iran

*Italy signs dozens of trade deals with Iran this year. *Italy economy minister to lead new mission to Iran. ROME, April 13- Italy will follow up on billions of euros of trade deals signed with Iran this year by sending a special mission to discuss how to fund and process them, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said on Wednesday in Tehran.

Source: Reuters

UPDATE 1-Italy's Renzi signs potentially huge business deals in Iran

ROME, April 12- Italy and Iran signed deals potentially worth billions on Tuesday when Prime Minister Matteo Renzi visited Tehran seeking a strong Italian foothold in a nation hungry for infrastructure investment as it emerges from financial isolation. "The end of sanctions is a historic step not only for Iran but for the whole region," Renzi told reporters in...

Source: Reuters

UPDATE 1-Italian finance sector agrees $5.7 bln fund to help weaker banks

ROME/ MILAN, April 11- Italian financial institutions have agreed to set up a 5 billion euro fund to shore up weaker banks, two of the fund's backers said on Monday, in a state-orchestrated plan to avoid a crisis in the euro zone's fourth-biggest banking sector. Rome has been keen to portray the fund as an industry initiative to ensure it does not fall foul of European...

Source: Reuters