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Oil winners, losers & 'zombies': Braziel  

Where to invest in the oil patch, with Rusty Braziel, RBN Energy President and Principal energy markets consultant. Braziel says if you want to buy an oil stock, "look at companies investing in the lowest cost production region relative to the size of the well it's produced."
Cramer: Oil could go to $10

Jim Cramer explained why the rocky history of black gold could make it more likely that it heads to $10 very soon.
Source: | By: Abigail Stevenson
Cramer Remix: China is a phony market

"Mad Money" host Jim Cramer explains the real problem in China and how it could hurt global growth.
Source: | By: Abigail Stevenson
Cramer: Meet the smartest man in the oil patch  

Mad Money host Jim Cramer speaks to RBN Energy President & principal energy markets consultant Rusty Braziel, about his forecast for the oil patch.