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This is the pied piper for stocks

Oil and the dollar could be keys to Thursday's trading, after the dynamic duo sent markets on a wild ride Wednesday.
Source: | By: Patti Domm
Euro banks near 'terrifying' crisis: Raoul Pal

Former hedge fund manager Raoul Pal predicts several big European banks could be on the verge of bankruptcy.
Source: | By: Stephanie Landsman
European banks should be a worry for investors: Raoul Pal  

Raoul Pal, Global Macro Investor Publisher, explains his concern over European banks and lists his troubled bank list.
Europe's new pal, Iran  

CNBC's Phil Han reports on Iran's new charm offensive across Europe and how it means billions of dollars worth in new trade deals.
Year of the Monkey good for markets, not for Trump

The markets may look like they're running amok heading into the lunar new year starting Feb 8 but not for long, predicts brokerage CLSA.
Source: | By: Huileng Tan
Raoul Pal: Why the Fed will have to reverse course

With the markets in correction territory, investor Raoul Pal says it's about to get a lot worse.
Source: | By: Leanne Miller
10 Year Treasury will hit 0.5% & S&P will go to 1600: Pro  

Raoul Pal, The Global Macro Investor Publisher, analyzes the latest market conditions and indicators of a recession and provides perspective.
YOUR MONEY-Getting your finances back to basics

NEW YORK, Jan 12- To judge from sky-high Wall Street salaries, managing money is such a complicated task that it is worth a hefty price. Helaine Olen and Harold Pollack say yes. The idea came about in 2013, after Olen, a personal finance journalist, and Pollack, a professor at the University of Chicago, talked about it during a video chat, which later went viral.
Source: Reuters | By: Chris Taylor
Is the Fed ignoring this market signal?

The economy appears to be growing, but the market is hinting at a different economic picture, says Ron Insana.
Source: | By: Ron Insana