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Apple's new plans for TV  

Apple is reportedly working on getting live programming from local TV stations onto its Apple TV. Insight, with Dawn Chmielewski, Re/code senior editor.
Source: CNBC.com
Traders bet on short-term Alibaba rally

Alibaba shares have rallied for three days straight, and some traders are betting the stock will close the week even higher.
Source: CNBC.com | By: Lawrence Lewitinn
Pro reshuffles Internet picks. Here's why...  

Mark Mahaney, RBC Capital Markets analyst, shares his strategy of shedding some high-profile tech names and placing his bets instead on several small-cap sweet spots.
Source: CNBC.com
Shorting Netflix taught me a serious lesson: Trader

Thunderstruck by its massive valuation, one trader tried to short the high-flying stock. You will believe what happened next.
Source: CNBC.com | By: Alex Rosenberg
Cramer: Mergers that could unlock riches for you

Jim Cramer considers this group to be the single best out there, and it's ready to pull off some big deals. Time to call your broker.
Source: CNBC.com | By: Abigail Stevenson
Netflix teaches trader a lesson  

Boris Schlossberg of BK Asset Management tried to short Netflix -- a trade that didn't go particularly well. He discusses with Rich Ross of Evercore ISI and Brian Sullivan.
Source: CNBC.com
These 10 CEOs raked in $14.2B from market rally

Ten CEOs of S&P 500 companies scored paper gains on their company stock holdings of $14.2 billion just this year, USA Today reports.
Source: USA Today | By: Matt Krantz
Halftime's hottest trades: NFLX, RAD, CVC, & financials  

8 trades in 50 seconds. Moving through Thursday with trades on the financials, Netflix, RiteAid, volatility, U.S. equities, Cablevision, and activism.
Source: CNBC.com
Gabelli judges traders' portfolios  

Mario Gabelli, GAMCO Investors chairman and CEO, offers advice for the FMHR traders as they battle for the top trader spot.
Source: CNBC.com
Call of the day: Netflix  

Citi raised its price target on Netflix to $722. How high can the stock go, with the FMHR traders and Mario Gabelli, GAMCO Investors chairman and CEO.
Source: CNBC.com