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How hidden fees can crack that nest egg

If you're saving for retirement with one of the leading brokerage firms, you're probably losing retirement income to hidden maintenance fees.


The $25M 'Wolf of Wall Street' den

Ryan Serhant, Nest Seekers International real estate broker, talks about the $24.8 million listing of a home by a real-life character featured in the "Wolf of Wall Street," as well as the health of the real estate market in New York City.


Retirement rules are changing

New Labor Department rules will require brokers to recommend investments that suit their client's needs. Financial advisory firms say the changes will reduce options for mom-and-pop investors. What the new rules mean for future fees, and how to protect your nest egg, with CNBC's Sharon Epperson.


COLUMN-Best-interest standard is a game-changer for IRA rollovers

CHICAGO, April 6- A friend called recently looking for advice about her 401. Should she roll over her $250,000 nest egg and withdraw some of the funds to help her through the career transition? His proposal would cost her at least $74,000 in fees over the next 20 years, compared with $23,000 in the 401- based on a simple back-of-the-envelope calculation assuming no...

Source: Reuters

Nest to disable Revolv hub, mulls paying back users

Early adopters who sprung for Nest's $299 Revolv smart-home hub may get their money back.


Two key Nest veterans are leaving, including its hardware engineering chief

Two key Nest veterans are leaving the company amid a stream of steady departures and pressure to improve sales, Re/code reports.

Source: Recode

Alphabet's bet on Nest in trouble?

Mark Bergen, Associate Editor at Re/code, talks about potential trouble in paradise for Alphabet's $3 billion bet on Nest Labs and the acquisition of Dropcam.


With $340 million in revenue, Nest is underperforming, and its future at Google is at risk

Nest generated about $340 million in sales last year, below the initial expectations that Google had set, Re/code reports.

Source: Recode

Pro targets Google's 'moonshot' at $1070

Neil Doshi, Mizuho Securities, weighs in on potential leadership struggles in Alphabet's other units like Nest, and shares his thoughts on Google's long-term plays. Also Doshi weighs in on Yahoo's future.


Dropcam founder slams Nest CEO Tony Fadell

Duffy wrote a disparaging note about Nest CEO Tony Fadell, saying he made a mistake by selling Dropcam to the connected device company.