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UPDATE 1-Nokia agrees on "Shanghai Bell" joint venture with China Huaxin

HELSINKI, Aug 28- Finnish telecom equipment maker Nokia said it had agreed to create a Chinese joint venture with Huaxin in a move that could pave the way for China's approval for Nokia's proposed takeover of Alcatel-Lucent. The joint venture, to be named Nokia Shanghai Bell, will be built upon a similar, long-time joint venture between France's Alcatel-Lucent...
Source: Reuters
EU: Greece must stick with reforms post-election

The European Commission urged Greece to stick to reform commitments, as PM Alexis Tsipras called a snap election within hours of getting bailout cash.
Source: Reuters
Déjà vu: Is Germany about to scupper Greek bailout?

With the ink not even dry on the third bailout for Greece, Germany is already grumbling about the deal.
Source: CNBC.com | By: Holly Ellyatt
Germany criticizes Greek bailout agreement

Germany criticized an outline deal between Athens and its bailout monitors as insufficient, the Financial Times reports.
Source: Financial Times | By: Stefan Wagstyl
German Finance Ministry says Berlin does not reject Greek bailout

BERLIN, Aug 12- Germany's Finance Ministry said on Wednesday it had raised questions about a memorandum of understanding agreed between Greece and its international lenders but that Berlin was not rejecting the bailout plan for Athens. These are part of the examination process, which is not yet finished, "a ministry spokesman said, adding that the questions...
Source: Reuters
German FinMin paper says Greek MoU lacks clarity on policy

BERLIN, Aug 12- Germany's Finance Ministry has criticised a memorandum of understanding agreed between Greece and its international lenders as showing "no full clarity on the direction of policies". In a two-page paper entitled "preliminary check of MoU" that was sent to officials in Brussels on Wednesday, the ministry describes Greek reform plans on debt...
Source: Reuters
Greece agrees steps to tackle banks' bad loans

ATHENS, Aug 12- Greece will take steps to tackle the mountain of bad loans weighing on its banks as part of its deal with international creditors, a draft of the agreement obtained by Reuters showed on Wednesday. The bad-debt load has worsened since then, as Greece sank back into recession and was forced to impose of capital controls, requiring banks to set aside...
Source: Reuters
Germany says Greek MOU goes in "right direction"

BERLIN, Aug 12- The German government welcomed an agreement on reforms between Greece and its international lenders as a "substantial result" but said it must study the deal further before deciding whether it was ripe for approval by the German parliament. "If you consider where we've come over the past months in this discussion this is a substantial result," said...
Source: Reuters
Greek MOU foresees rapid sale of ports, grid operator, airports

BERLIN, Aug 12- Greece will move rapidly to privatise its ports, regional airports and its power grid operator under a memorandum of understanding agreed with its international lenders. Under the agreement, Athens has committed to take "irreversible steps" by October 2015 to privatise grid operator ADMIE unless an alternative scheme offering equivalent...
Source: Reuters
Thorns in the side of the Greek bailout deal

Analysts say there are pressing challenges ahead for the debt-ridden country Greece whether a bailout deal is finalized or not.
Source: CNBC.com | By: Holly Ellyatt