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Rate hike will boost confidence: Pro  

Media Link Transcript Should China be the top concern for investors. It was probably enormous fraud and it was being thankful cause behind us you know we have a fair fairly insular economies 16% and consumer we're not. Huge exporters into the acting part of what. Is part of the China story what do we commodities ultimately we'll speak to our economic numbers for me the less I think there's ...
Source: CNBC.com
INTERVIEW-East Timor PM seeks to diversify economy with help of oil fund

JAKARTA, Aug 26 (Reuters) - East Timor will tap into its $16.6 billion oil fund to build the necessary infrastructure to attract non-energy investment, the prime minister said on Wednesday, as disputes over undeveloped gas fields look to remain unresolved for years. Rui Araujo told Reuters the government would not compromise on its demand that Woodside Petroleum build onshore processing ...
Source: Reuters | By: Randy Fabi
Selloff not due to high-frequency trades: HFT CEO

As investors across the world watched the Dow Jones industrial average (Dow Jones Global Indexes: .DJI) plummet more than 1,000 points early Monday, one high-frequency market maker was racking up the trades at a rate four times its average. But that doesn't mean the high-frequency trading firm had any exorbitant role in the market selloff, according to Virtu co-founder Doug Cifu. "We don't ...
Source: CNBC.com | By: Zack Guzman
Healthy signs in international trade  

Media Link Transcript When global growth slows these shipping answer the why logistic companies get hit pretty hard how bad is it going to be. I think it's. Todd has been overblown what's happening today in. And yesterday. From a from a global putting you eventually seeing good growth and I think those fundamentals still lit and it kind of there's lots of discussion that China. It's honest it ...
Source: CNBC.com
Why escaping a room is the latest craze

Ever imagined being locked in a room and challenged to break out using nothing but your skills and brainpower? Well, the latest trend in immersive entertainment will help you find out if you've got what it takes. The name for this experience varies-Escape the Room (ETR), Escape Games, Puzzle Hunts-yet they all involve a team of people getting locked into a room, usually themed around fantasy ...
Source: CNBC.com | By: Luke Graham, special to CNBC.com
Energy exposed banks  

Media Link Transcript I'm not an energy expert I just know that. You know when prices drop the way they do some things you know go wrong in and you know who have been very lucky in terms of bank credit. Think about all of that the junk bonds that a lot of energy come as we're able sell over the last several months in a before spreads widen and you know lock your world a hedge again. We have ...
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Time to sell the rip?  

Media Link Transcript This is the story we got a lot of feedback from viewers tweeters and readers of cnbc.com. About taken this idea of finding value when stocks fall. But there's also perhaps over value when stocks rise which ones could be due for a fall to for profit taking due perhaps. For a bit of a pull back and so we did we scream yes and 500 companies and found stocks that are at or ...
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Fed: Spillover from China 'raised some concerns'  

Media Link Transcript If you put up yes and new intraday account about 1560s. We've actually got into that good news came out of that broken embark Stacey that's about two points but. Look I don't think yeah conditions for rate rise nearing here's a particularly surprising comment. Most people down here on the floor myself included have been in the one thing done can't all of for the last ...
Source: CNBC.com
AmCham: Investor commitment to Thailand stays strong  

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UPDATE 3-Sri Lankans give election verdict on Rajapaksa comeback bid

* Strongman president lost power in January Reformist coalition seeks stronger mandate * President Sirisena looks to form 'unity' government (Updates with polls closing, Sirisena firing party officials) By Ranga Sirilal and Douglas Busvine COLOMBO, Aug 17 (Reuters) - Sri Lanka held a parliamentary election on Monday in which ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa was trying to stage a political ...
Source: Reuters