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A $7 trillion market investors are chasing

Famous VCs are chasing this $7 trillion byzantine market by backing start-ups that offer everything from debit cards for seniors to tracking devices.
Source: CNBC.com | By: Constance Gustke, special to CNBC.com
UK minister who dealt blow to Thatcher govt dies

Former British Treasury chief Geoffrey Howe, a prominent figure in Margaret Thatcher's government who helped bring about her downfall, has died at 88.
Source: The Associated Press
Former UK Treasury chief Geoffrey Howe dies at 88

LONDON— Former British Treasury chief Geoffrey Howe, a prominent figure in Margaret Thatcher's government who helped bring about her downfall after they parted ways over policy toward Europe, has died at 88.. Howe died suddenly of a suspected heart attack late Friday at his home in Warwickshire, north of London, after returning from a jazz concert with his wife...
Source: The Associated Press
Steve Jobs plays dual role of hero, villain in the movies

SAN FRANCISCO— Apple co-founder Steve Jobs became renowned for conjuring a "reality distortion field" that made people believe whatever he wanted. "Steve Jobs," which opened Friday, is the latest movie to examine a charismatic visionary who mesmerized the masses with his trendsetting gadgets while alienating his subordinates and friends with an...
Source: The Associated Press | By: By MICHAEL LIEDTKE, AP Technology Writer
4 trades on struggling IPO darlings

"Fast Money" traders discussed how to trade Alibaba, GoPro and Box, which have struggled after huge IPOs in the last 18 months.
Source: CNBC.com | By: Jacob Pramuk
Train hero stabbed  

French train hero Spencer Stone was repeatedly stabbed, and is in stable condition, reports CNBC's Sue Herera.
Source: CNBC.com
Celebrity chef Paul Prudhomme, portly Cajun who popularized Louisiana cuisine, dies at 75

SACRAMENTO, California— Sacramento police: French train hero stabbed after a fight near a bar; alcohol likely a factor.
Source: The Associated Press
GoPro hits new low. Time for Apple to buy it?

Apple should take the opportunity to acquire GoPro now, said Ross Gerber, CEO and president of Gerber Kawasaki, on Wednesday.
Source: CNBC.com | By: Reem Nasr
Home improvements: DIY or leave it to the pros?

Take these three steps to know when to call a professional or when to get your hands dirty to boost the value of your home.
Source: CNBC.com | By: Landon Dowdy
Benanke a hero, Fed has one big problem: Mishkin  

Frederic Mishkin, former Federal Reserve Board Governor and Columbia University economics professor, weighs in on Ben Bernanke's thoughts on the Fed.
Source: CNBC.com