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Is organic eating health or hype?

Organic food supporters frequently tout its health benefits, while naysayers claim it's little more than a marketing gimmick. Who's right?
Source: | By: Denise Garcia
Trump, Rubio seen under fire in Saturday's debate

Donald Trump and Marco Rubio could be top targets for rivals' fire on Saturday when Republican White House hopefuls take the stage for their eighth debate.
Source: Reuters
China seeks male teachers to make boys men

Worried that a shortage of male teachers is feminizing boys, Chinese educators are reinforcing traditional gender roles and values, the NYT reports.
Source: The New York Times | By: Javier Hernandez
Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits Taiwan

A powerful earthquake struck Taiwan early on Saturday killing at least eight people, most in a 17-story apartment building that collapsed.
Source: Reuters
Ovation Brands abruptly closes 74 restaurants

Ovation Brands has abruptly shuttered almost a quarter of its restaurants as part of a national restructuring plan.
Source: | By: Christine Wang
Will concussion concerns bring down the NFL?

Experts weigh the likelihood of the National Football League seeing significant business implications from worries about player head trauma.
Source: | By: Everett Rosenfeld
The sad truth about the 'Super Bowl indicator'

Using Sunday's outcome to invest isn't the best strategy. But it's probably not the worst.
Source: | By: Alex Rosenberg
A $445B economic threat you aren't prepared for

The hacking underworld is exploding as skilled well-funded criminals target US companies and consumers to steal whatever they can.
Source: | By: Harriet Taylor
One dead in downtown NYC crane collapse

The crane had been working at the former Western Union building, a New York City landmark.
Source: | By: Everett Rosenfeld
Democrats duel over which is 'progressive'

In a caustic debate, Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders traded attacks and put their own spin on the word "progressive."
Source: The New York Times | By: Jonathan Martin and Patrick Healy