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Sell energy stocks on the recent pop: Trader

Suddenly, the market has a new favorite sector: energy (Mexico Stock Exchange: XLE-MX). The beaten sector is up more than 10 percent in the past five trading sessions, making it the best performer in the S&P 500 (INDEX: .SPX) over that period. The rally comes amid a massive comeback for crude (New York Mercantile Exchange: @CL.1) oil. The commodity surged more than 8 percent Monday, settling ...
Source: CNBC.com | By: Amanda Diaz
Closing Bell Exchange: Calibrating your market GPS  

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The wisdom of buying & holding  

Media Link Transcript You can call it buy and hold this is the story of a friend of friend named Bob. He's the worst the timing the market he's only made four trades with his entire life savings up to that point the first it was all the way in 1973. Right here he bought the top of the market. When the essence he was doing a good job he was chasing the bull run and that it went all the way down ...
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NLRB ruling could hit builders  

Media Link Transcript It is a major change to the government's joint employer status which could now put builders on the hook for issues involving everything from. Labor violations and union negotiations with subcontractors. Now the NLRB declined our request for an interview but in a release. Said the board's previous standard has failed to keep pace with changes in the workplace and economic ...
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JC Penney gets a bump higher  

Media Link Transcript But I think low single low may be convinced you of the two type growth is doable for JC Penney that's very consistent with our view that the business model is stabilized. It will loves the CEO Marvin Ellison from an operational perspective. They brought in a couple of new marketers they've gone back to more traditional retailing you yourself just say do you think that you ...
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Santelli looks for certainty  

Media Link Transcript It's a lot like the discussion going on what the facts out people think they're going to do one thing the other half think they're going to go another well with the yield curve. The front half like the following intra day of three year note yields are higher and higher overall it's been a flattening debt. But when you go to long end or some doubt. Look at an intraday of ...
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Top trades for September  

Media Link Transcript Tomorrow is the first trading day of September according can show our data analysis says that historically one of the worst month for stocks pretty negative about 50% of the time though. Judge should you be getting defensive end of September. The defensive battle like that word and I think he mentioned that before I totally agree I think opportunistic use the word now ...
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High dividend yields: Value trade or trap?  

Media Link Transcript What's that you do some of the big large cap names that have these really big dividend yields first of all. You've got the Telecom companies write like a frontier communications. What are the best yield there's in the US and 500 right now up north of 8%. I'll also Vodafone not a US company but still got a 5% dividend yield so decent that is UK telephone provider. Mattel ...
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Analyst says it's time to buy Twitter  

Media Link Transcript We sing in the note that we think this TO the first step aboard his second step but really to turn it stopped around can be the fundamentals. Well now we've made a big net on the spot upgrading it to a buy and calling for at 38%. Rally that's welcome back on pets. To have time it did it via things happen well certainly this with a big call moving the socket up nicely what ...
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Santelli Exchange: All roads lead to QE?  

Media Link Transcript What's in fits and starts it was one of my sub topic. Anyway but not necessarily for how the stock market been trading or how it changes been on here. When you look at with respect unchanged but bigger picture from Chicago ISM this morning PMI. Alice I'm trades bonds used that exact line fits and starts what she was looking outlook the relationship between order backlogs ...
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