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Not a bottom, just a healthy scare: McNamee  

Media Link Transcript Bill Gurley at the end of last week was suggesting that. This market volatility the moods of accounts are gonna have an impact on late stage valuations what conversations are you guys. Around sand hill road happen. This morning around what happened last week at what continues to happen this morning. Well here's the good and the bad news I don't think any finance in the ...
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Our homeowners save significant money: Sunrun CEO  

Media Link Transcript You know and the market's been pretty choppy as you can tell that we're really pleased that we got our operate offering done. Got our capital raise which really will support our growth and and elegant for the continue along map out. You're there were 2 for 2 this morning in a smaller IPOs are struggling to stay above their their pricing land. I wonder for you guys are ...
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Mac virus; Pro says 'no worries'  

Media Link Transcript What is shocking about this particular form of a now where's and it attacks the firmware which is basically a software that oops your computer center and that's a level. And which a lot of anti virus software doesn't work or even if you think you're protected they're not protected. Right when you turn on the computer the first in their boots up is the pharmacist equally ...
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