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Honda launching three new green cars under 'Clarity'

The Japanese automaker will release three more eco-friendly sedans by the end of 2017.


7 ways going green can save you lots of money

Mother Nature wants to help your bottom line. Here are seven ways to reduce your environmental footprint and save cash.


Apple ditching plastic bags

The tech giant is making an eco-friendly change by switching to paper bags.


Apple is making an eco-friendly change

Beginning Apr. 15, Apple is switching from its plastic drawstring bags to paper bags, 9to5Mac reports.


Umberto Eco, Italian author of 'The Name of the Rose,' dies at 84

Italian author Umberto Eco, who became famous for the 1980 international blockbuster "The Name of the Rose", died on Friday, Italian media reported. He was 84.

Source: Reuters

Meet the floral industry's new guard

A fresh crop of floral startups are shaking up the way consumers look at Valentine’s Day. The Bouqs Company, BloomThat and UrbanStems are just three newer ventures catering to consumers who want eco-friendly flowers this holiday season, with on-demand options. CNBC's Kate Rogers speaks with a "local artisan" to find out how the new on-demand option works.


How 'cultured meat' can turn one cow into 175M burgers

Researchers developed the eco-friendly 'cultured beef' to meet rising global meat demand.