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Here's how much TV boxes are costing you

The nation's pay-TV services - cable, satellite and fiber - have cornered the lucrative rental market for the set-top boxes needed to receive their programming, saddling consumers with an average of more than $231 a year in "hidden, hideously vexing fees," according to a new report. Competition for this $19 billion-a-year rental market is virtually non-existent, according to the July 30 report ...
Source: NBC News | By: Herb Weisbaum
AT&T to bundle wireless service with DirecTV's pay-TV offerings

Aug 3- The No. 2 U.S. wireless carrier AT&T Inc said it will bundle its wireless service with DirecTV's pay-TV offerings after the $48.5 billion deal was approved last month. The newly expanded AT&T leapfrogs the biggest U.S. cable company Comcast Corp Corp.. The company said it would serve more than 55 million customers in the United States, Latin America and the...
Source: Reuters